How do i claim my lounge passes

Happy New YEAR everybody ,just a small question how do i claim my lounge passes for a sit aboard . Have done it a few years ago but can’t remember (age think) If anybody can point me in the right direction please ,have till mid feb so no rush

I just did it last week. You open a chat on the website. You tell the automated chat bot you want your lounge passes. It will ask you a series of questions (date, flight number, airport, terminal, etc.) and you will get your passes very quickly. We got ours via email within a day. But it’s better not to wait to the last minute. :slightly_smiling_face:

They ask these Qs, so if you contact them, it will go quicker if you supply this info:

  • Country of airport
  • Airport name
  • Terminal number
  • Flight departure time
  • Flight date
  • Flight number
  • Country of arrival
  • Full names of passenger(s)

thanks will give it a go next week

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