How Do You Logout of Forum?

How on earth do you log off this forum???

Go to your icon on the top right. Click the Preferences icon (looks like a person). A drop down box will have the Log Out option at the bottom.

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Hi, mine only has a search icon, menu icon and “R”, no person icon

Welcome ramsons. Click the “R” icon and a drop box will appear with a series of icons across the top. There’s a “person” on the far right. Click that and another drop box will appear with the Log Out option at the bottom.

Hi @ramsons welcome to our community forum and thank you @PetSitterBug for helping.

In the first screen shot the far right “person” icon click that and a drop down menu will appear and the log out option is at the bottom of the list.

Screenshot 2021-08-01 at 14.22.24

Screenshot 2021-08-01 at 14.22.34

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Angela and the Team

Hi Angela,
I don’t have a person icon on my forum at the top, just (left to right) a search tool, a menu and the letter R. If I click on the letter R the drop down menu with log out option appears. Thanks for your reply, Phyl

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Hi Angela, thanks for your fast response. I replied on the forum as it wasn’t quite what you suggested but I thought it might help others.

I contacted THS this morning about a more important matter but no reply today. Please can you tell me what is covered by public liability? We have a sitter coming soon and as we’d asked for a couple we suggested she might like to bring a friend or friends . She would like to bring a friend who has 2 children. The number of people is fine but we don’t normally have children here as we have a pond. The children are 9 and 11 and sensible , so unlikely to throw themselves into the pond! Please can you tell me how public liability insurance works, I think we have a standard membership. I checked the “no kids” box on the site but I imagine it wasn’t clear and I should have mentioned it during our conversations. I would appreciate your help again, thanks

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Hi @ramsons that’s so kind and considerate of you to welcome your sitter’s friend and her family and happy to help with information … I will DM you …

Good morning Angela,

Please could you kinldy telll me how to talk to someone on THS without my conversation being posted on the forum? I am trying to get someone to respond to a question I posted to THS via the chat link but so far no reply. I need to get back to my sitter with an answer.

Thank you very much