How do you report a post?

Some HO are starting to request day time care, with not even one night included. How do you report a post like that?

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To clarify, I have tried doing it via the chat function, but I have been waiting for an hour and nobody has connected

Hi @SalomeL
you can send an email to

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Thank you. I have sent an email

I reported one of these day care sits last week to the support email referred to in @cat.tails post and I got a very helpful reply within a day or so. It is a shame that THS seems to rely on its members to report sits which don’t comply and I have suggested some options for making it clearer to HO’s what the requirements are but we’ll have to wait and see if these are taken up and developed.

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Something else I’ve been wondering about: Can you report a sit that includes foster animals?
(Foster animals are not allowed according to code of conduct)

@andrealovesanimals Where does the CoC prohibit foster pets? This is the CoC:

I don’t see anything in the T&C that precludes foster pets either, if they are disclosed in the listing.

where does it mention the minimum time scale for a sit?

This link (kindly provided by Carla) explains about foster pets:

All Pets Not In Listing/Foster pets

Since the language only seems to preclude fostering “for other businesses or organisations”, a person who was fostering privately, not for a rescue or shelter, wouldn’t be prohibited.

I always try to find temporary fosters for my foster cats when I travel. However, there was one trip where I just couldn’t find another place and the sitter took care of the fosters, which were in my listing. The cats had lived in my home for a few months at that stage, so they were no longer adjusting or stressed.

Carla mentions that “. normally fosters are in the process of settling and decompressing, and they might find it too hard to adapt to someone new so soon…” The same concern could apply to any newly acquired animal, whether fostered or adopted.

Maybe I should start reporting posts that mention cats bringing dead mice or other prey into the house. They should be prohibited based on clause 5.2.4 - “ensure that…no pets… have ever caused a person or animal any physical harm (no matter how minor the injury).” :wink: The dead mouse’s injuries were definitely not “minor”!

There are always grey areas. I think that as long as sitters know about foster animals, and they can make an informed decision, it might be OK if it works for both sides. However, if something goes wrong with the foster animal, whatever THS insurance is in place probably wouldn’t cover it. Perhaps a moderator could explain more.

I found this in the Help section for you @MarieHuggins

Do sitters offer day care?

No. Within the community we have a minimum of a one night sit. The reason for this is there is a mutual exchange between members. Sitters are sitting for free in exchange for free accommodation and the chance to spend time with some wonderful pets, and pet parents can go away with peace of mind knowing that their pets and home are being looked after.


When I see a Sit listing that begins and ends on the same day, I write to the HO and ask if this was intentional or unintentional. Every time, it was a mistake. A simple mistake. They thanked me for letting them know. They fixed their dates.


@Lassie That is a great point about newly adopted or purchased pets.

I copied my post here as it mentioned that at the bottom and thank you it is a great point to highlight that all new pet needs to be happy being left with a sitter :slight_smile:

@andrealovesanimals Another great point! We have been told before by the team that the complication is that the pet is not owned by the owners and as a member-to-member service if something was to happen then the owner of the pet would not be a THS member. This might be a good one to check again with the Membership Services team at and they can clarify it for you.

@PVGemini I do the same. I did it recently and the owners were so grateful and happy, they invited me to do the sit though I hadn’t actually applied lol Unfortunately I couldn’t do it but at least they did find a suitable sitter next day.


You’re quite right about that and thank you for pointing out! I’ll be bringing this to our team to see if there’s a better way we can phrase given the nature of certain pets. We had a dog growing up that was a natural born hunter that certainly killed his fair share of wild birds.

I think @Lassie was being ironic @Kelly_U - surely we’re not going to flag sits that tell the sitters the cat or dog brings in wildlife “gifts”. That’s just nature doing its thing.

@Cuttlefish I knew @Lassie was being ironic as my reply and my laugh might have indicated but thank you for bringing up…I passed onto our team because as you know this is a company that works with individuals from all over the world with various understandings of language. Just like with homeowner and sitter profiles it’s always best to be as clear and transparent in the way we word them. Just because I pass it along to the team doesn’t mean they’ll change anything it just means it’ll get reviewed. There’s tons of stuff that gets brought up here on the forum…most of it we moderators don’t comment on but will still pass along because if there’s anyway we can better improve the member experience we will certainly do our best within our means to do so.

Gotcha. I missed the reply and laugh bit on the reply, apologies @Kelly_U (still can’t see it now TBH so might be me). Thought it might be the UK/USA humour disconnect… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thanks for helping!

We try our best :sweat_smile: and I especially love to see posts where UK and Australian humor comes out…but enough of that I’ll try and steer us back on topic of flagging posts.

And on that topic as @ziggy and @PVGemini pointed out that many times it’s user error when a HO has had a profile for many years and they accidentally forget to update one part like the dates…in that case it can be a challenge for our team to notice as the listing has been approved in the system it’s just that the dates need fixing.

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