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Hi, I am new to Trusted House Sitters and have not received any responses to my sit request for June. Our 2 year old Labrador, Bea has epilepsy which is well controlled by medication but I am wondering if this is posing a problem. She can be left in her crate once walked so sitters are not tied to the house all day. We live at the base of the lovely Chiltern Hills in a very nice village with Oxford being nearby and the Cotswolds and Blenheim Palace being 1 hour and 45 minutes respectively away. Any advice please?

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HI @MazT

I’d like to wish you a warm welcome to the forum.

I am so sorry you have not had a response to your listing yet. Please can you kindly add your listing link to your forum profile. Other members will then be able to comment and give you advice.

the way to add your profile link is here >>

There is another thread that would also be of interest.

Best wishes
Therese and the forum team.

Please can you link your listing to your profile and then members will be able to help with advice :+1:

Hi @MazT and welcome!

You sound as if you are in a great location. Bea’s epilepsy wouldn’t put me off, although I do work with a lot of children who have epilepsy, so maybe that helps.

If you link your listing to your profile, as Therese suggested, forum members are always happy to take a look at it and suggest ways to make it more attractive.

June is a little way off yet, so you still have plenty of time.

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Hi Debbie, I’ve linked my sit to my profile but can you please check if you can see it as I can’t see my post at all now on the forum.


Hi Marion @MazT ,
Yes, you have linked your profile correctly and it looks great. Bea is adorable!
You’ve provided really good information about Bea’s epilepsy and particularly what might trigger it.

I’ve saved your listing for future reference in case you have future dates in the school holidays.

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Your listing looks lovely and your love for Bea shines through, which is wonderful. For me, the “sitters need a car” would be off-putting. I like to visit the UK but it’s too expensive to bring my car. Could sitters manage without a car at your home? It sounds like there are shops within walking distance. If you explain that the sit is doable without a car, it might attract more people.

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Hi @MazT Your sit looks lovely, Bea is absolutely adorable :dog::slightly_smiling_face:

As @andrealovesanimals mentioned, regarding as to whether sitters need a car. I have attached a couple of threads you may find interesting.

Thank you so much for kind words and help Debbie.

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Hi @MazT
Your sit looks great. Unfortunately, we are booked so can’t apply but if we were reading your listing…

1 - “there are a lot of beautiful countryside walks here.” - fantastic!

2 - "The village is a 20 minute walk away where you will find Butchers, Bakers, Grocers and Chemist as well as a Post Office. There is also a large Co-op at the petrol station. - Amazing!

3 - “The nearest pub, the Red Lion is just over a 10-minute walk away from our house and one of the Indian restaurants is situated opposite the pub so it’s an easy walk to both” - Oh my!. this is our ideal sit

4 - “Chinnor has its own heritage steam railway with trains running from Chinnor station to Princes Risborough. …which has a Chiltern line station with trains to Oxford and London” - Perfect!!!

5 - “Sitters need a car”! WHAT!!! - Why??? Oh well, scroll on , it’s obviously not for us then :confused:

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Thanks for your kind words and help Andrea. There are buses locally, the car is more for taking Bea out as she can’t be walked along the road due to her anxiety around cars and traffic generally.

Kind Regards

Hi Marion @MazT, I think this is your blocker. The “sitters need a car” and the reason is for Bea and not the sit location. Hire cars often say you can’t transport animals in them so that’s another issue. Could you offer your car and put the sitter on the insurance instead? As @Colin says there’s this wonderful list of pluses and then the car thing. If you could solve this I think you’ll have lots more applicants. If not, can you work out a different walking schedule for her that stays away from the roads whilst you’re away as another solution? Best of luck :crossed_fingers:

Hi Colin,

Thank you so much for your very helpful reply. I have taken the ‘sitters need a car’ off our listing because, you’re right, it was more for Bea. She can be walked around our estate and there is a green area opposite our house where she can chase a ball to add to her exercise. We will also be working more in getting her to cross the road that leads into the hills.

We have already had one application!

Kind Regards


@MazT This is fantastic news, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that this one works out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. :blush:

Thanks so much for your advice. I have taken the ‘sitter needs a car’ off now as it was really for Bea and not needed to get around here. Bea can be walked around our estate and she can chase a ball on the green opposite. We are also working on getting her used to crossing the road so she can be walked up into the hills.

Kind Regards

Thanks Andrea, I have done so on your advice.

Kind Regards

Unfortunately our lovely sitter had to cancel today due to up coming operation. Our sit is is 19 days and now I am worried that we will not find anyone. We are away from 4th to 12th April. Any tips on how to hightlight our listing? Thanks

Hi @Gharvey - your listing is excellent and I will eat my hat if you don’t get a replacement sitter. Your only issue with this sit is that it is Easter which is always a busy time for sitters - even so, I am confident that you will find someone.

The only small improvement I would say for your listing is that there is a mistake in the sentence “We have a swimming pool, that can be used in the from June to September”. ( is there a word missing? ) … and also I would delete this whole sentence when listing dates out of that period - Good Luck!

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