No response to my listing yet - advice please?

Hello. I’ve posted to ask for a sitter for two weeks this summer, as I like to plan ahead and be reassured that my dog will be looked after. I’ve had no replies and, as far as I can see, the post hadn’t been looked at.
Is this normal and when should I start to panic??

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Hello @Roosmum,

Welcome to the forum we’re glad you’re here! You still quite some time before your dates this summer so I wouldn’t start panicking yet. However our members could help make your listing more attractive to sitters if you would like feedback.

To do this you can also add your THS profile to your forum profile. I have attached a link that goes over how to add this.

How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile Owner & Sitter Exchange

Thanks. I’ll give that a go. Any feedback would be welcome as I have to find a sitter for those dates.

Done, fingers crossed!

@Roosmum , your listing looks nice and Roo is adorable! Because your dates are not until June, there is no need to be concerned. If you could retake your first picture so that Roo was in it and the trash can was out of it, I think it might be more of an attention grabber, but it’s still nice as it is. Does your bathroom have a tub and/or shower? Either show or mention it. Does it have a tele? If so, do you have live tv or any streaming services? How fast and reliable is your internet? There are remote workers that would want to know.
How long can Roo be left alone? And it would be good to mention how far away the town, bus stop and railway station are.
Also which shops are walkable, including names of grocery stores, as many of us do not have a car. Also you can spruce up your intro to tell a little bit about yourself and play up your lovely location. You don’t have to repeat Bury St. Edmonds in your first paragraph, as it’s already in the heading and mentioned in your location info. Good luck!


Great feedback, thanks.


Your listing looks absolutely fine, just give it some time. The right sitters will come along, no doubt.

Thank you :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Hi Roosmum, the more pics the better. HO’s can have up to about 30 from what I’ve seen. We’re only allowed 12!

I would add at least one other photo of the living room, because the one that is there looks like there is no sofa!

I would also have a second photo of the kitchen as it only shows a narrow view.

And in the Home section you’ve talked about the area, but hardly mentioned the home. What applainces are in the kitchen? The photos only show a cooker.

And @mars mentioned the bath tub. I always look for a bath tub too. So do show it if you have one.

Also I like to apply to sits that show the Homeowner in the photos. It just looks more friendly if there are smiley photos of the HOs with their pets. It’s not a deal breaker if there aren’t, but we are often led by gut feelings, and smiley photos instill trust as well. Especially on this site, because the HO profile pics are so small and low quality.

Have a look at other Homeowners’ listings for more ideas. And read their reviews for what sitters like most about the pets and homes.

Very pretty garden! That would be a plus for me. And Roo of course; she is beautiful.

Good luck!


Maybe switch the photos so that the last or second last photo is first?


I agree with this comment ^

I have done two cat sits in Bury St Edmunds, it is a very nice town.

Don’t worry yet, I am sure you will get a sitter.

Great feedback thanks.


Thank you.

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Thanks all, I’ve made the suggested changes to my listing and also invited some sitters, so fingers crossed!

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With the changes you’ve made your listing is awesome. You should have no trouble attracting a great sitter!

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Oh I hope so, thank you for your help.


Hi @Claire-Jeremy-Cambodia. I’m late to the game here, so I can’t tell if @Roosmum switched their first photo as you suggested. Did you mean to suggest that the first photo in the listing be one showing Roo bright and center? If so, I agree!

Roosmum, is Roo a Pomeranian? Still learning my breeds.

Hi @Roosmum!

First, I agree with the others that you’ve got plenty of time. And you’ve been very open to constructive criticism and improving your listing, so I think you’re in good shape. But since I’m here:

  • “which is four mes outside Bury”: typo? Did you mean “four miles”?
  • Roo: How/when does she go potty? Is it only on her morning walk?? Doggie door?
    • You say Roo can be left only for 4 hours? That seems short to me. Can you at least add more about why? (e.g., will chew furniture, pee, get sad)
    • I guess the idea is the sitter(s) could take Roo with them … like if they walk to a random restaurant for dinner … or take the rail to Cambridge?
    • Or should sitters really bring their own car, as you’re not providing one?
  • Oh, and you mention no one has seen your post? I didn’t think that was something PPs could know (e.g., how many views). However, if you’re any tier above Basic, then you can tell whether a sitter favorites your listing. That can be handy because you can then reach out proactively to them. I favorited your listing just now as a test. No plans to travel abroad this year—sorry!—otherwise Roo looks coo(l)!
  • As for timing, I wouldn’t start to be concerned unless it was two months before your sit. But that’s no reason to dawdle!

You’re doing great!

Hi there. Yes I’ve made all the suggested changes so fingers crossed. Roo is a Pomeranian, good spot!


@Roosmum - how would you know if your post was viewed? tx b