How long until applicants?

Hi, I’ve only ever used this website once back in 2022 and it wasn’t until the very last minute I got an applicant through. My soonest dates needed are only one night and I’m worried this will never be applied for!

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Hi @Neo1994 - I cannot get the link to your listing to open - maybe one of the moderators can help? @Carla_C


@colin Great spot as always. It is now all updated :grin:


Welcome @Neo1994 to the forum.

Just two things that might make a difference- change the first photo of the house for the one with Bonnie & Clyde together by the doorway.

Also I noticed that you don’t mention in your listing how long Bonnie & Clyde can be left for , if your sitter wants to go and visit Manchester City centre for example .

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Amazing thank you! :slight_smile: will try that! Had one applicant since posting which is great

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Hi @Neo1994 - The big bonus you have is that you are so close to Manchester - around £10 return on the train. This will help you in two ways.

1 - Sitters like big cities so be sure to emphasise how quickly and cheaply the journey is to Manchester city centre in your listing.

2 - There are around 700 sitters with active memberships located in and around Manchester, including at least 3 I saw in Leigh itself. I see you now have an application which is great but these 700 sitters will be your target market for any future very short sits. Think about doing some private invitations. Some local sitters will welcome a short sit to get themselves a quick review, others may do it for you just to help you out if you emphasise the urgeny knowing that it is minimal disruption to themselves.

Good Luck!


Thank you! I’ll be sure to mention about access to the city.

I have sent over 50 private invitations but it gets hard as the website doesn’t tell you when you’ve already privately invited someone and I forget who I have or haven’t messaged. 35 have already declined my invite so it’s a bit disheartening!

I’m lucky I’ve got one applicant so hopefully that works out.

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Just a thought, but a lot of people would not have heard of Leigh. I know other pet owners that live in smaller or unknown places sometimes put the major city that is closest to them as the main location, and then put Leigh in the description with how far it is from Manchester.

I just live in Durham and didn’t know there was a Leigh next to Manchester, just Leigh-on-Sea next to London. So I may not have glanced at your ad, thinking it was too far away from me.

That’s actually great advice before I lived here I wouldn’t have known either! I’ll change that thank you :smiley:


You should get a ton more applying then, or at least clicking into it to read more. Good luck

Had a nightmare as the only person who applied was a male who wanted to stay the night before whilst I was in the property which I’m not comfortable as a woman living alone. Just feel like I can’t get anyone and have sent so many private invites :frowning:

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Keep faith @Neo1994 , the right sitters will come along. If the male applicant looks promising otherwise (ticks all your requirements) I’m sure you can tell him it’s not possible for him to spend the night, and he will have to find somewhere else for the night. If he’s happy to do that, then you’re all set. You might even want to offer to pay half of the cost for his night in a nearby place…It’s got to work for both of you.

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It is hard from a sitters perspective when it’s a really short stay, we need to justify the time, effort, and cost, whether it’s for fuel or accommodation the night prior if an owner is leaving early. Furry hugs are amazing, but some furry hugs are easier to figure out logistically, than others.

I would mention to him that the extra night isn’t possible, maybe don’t say you’re uncomfortable because you are comfortable enough to let him sit your pet (plus because he’s reading it rather than having a conversation with you about it then he may take it the wrong way and withdraw his application, you know how simple it is to misinterpret a text etc), but just tell a little white fib and say you’ve got friends coming over the night prior (no harm done).
Plus there are still plenty of Travelodges around that are only £35/night on certain dates if he needed somewhere to stop, but I can understand why he asked.
It’s just an idea, but why don’t you go and stay somewhere the night before instead and let him have your house for 2 nights? That way, you get your cover, and a great contact for future sits, and he has his extra night to make it worth his while, plus you have more of a break yourself.