How may I find my own references?

I wish to copy and paste it elsewhere, but I do not see how to access it! Please advise. Thanks!

Hi @NewMexicoMary.
From the main THS website, go to your dashboard, then scroll down until you see your profile picture.
Within your picture is a “preview” box. Click on this. 1st is shown your reviews, then further down the page your references, you can expand and copy and paste from there.
If you have more than one reference, there is a “see more” below the 1st one.
Good luck!

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It does not work for me. If I preview my profile, if i click on the photo i get this

that link is not helpful to any other member

Hi @NewMexicoMary One can copy and paste the written words of the review, but not as the whole review stands with name, stars, etc. So it really doesn’t have any real creditiblity. In other words, it is not possible to make a pdf of each review or reference, which is I think what you are wanting. If you wish to send your profile and reviews to someone, the best would be to go to Preview Profile, and copy and paste your specific URL link at the top and send it on. I hope this helps. Therese

That’s what was asked for, so it is useful.