How to see my profile as others do

Not sure what category this should be in. I would like to see my profile as others do. I’d like to see my references. I have a memory of being able to do this before, tho I could be mistaken. Anyone know how this can be done?
Thanks much!

Click on “Profile preview” in Your Profile page.

On the web interface: Go to the Dashboard.

Move down the page.

Find the “Preview” link there:

@Lassie No. That gives your own view. The one with the missing references. The one without a calendar.

It is soooo incredibly stupid that these are not the same. That they both are called “Preview”.

Hi @pinecone

We go to ‘find a pet sitter’, then search for ourselves!

That’s what we do as well @Colin - just to check they haven’t changed the category order again :joy:

i can see my references when I follow the steps I said. It wouldn’t surprise me if it didn’t work for others, however :frowning:

I am on “1 review” when I look there on the right.

But for me, all the other ones display to the left of that number. It is incredibly inconsistent. Computers that cannot even count to ten…

Thank you to everyone! My Dashboard doesn’t have Preview, but scrolled down my Profile page et Voilà! Totally missed it. Much better. :slight_smile:

Same for me, but found it at bottom of Profile page.

Same here @Colin and @Twitcher!

Hey I also had that issue the last 3 days. My 21 reviews become 1 review and back to 21. There must be an issue currently. Already wrote to TH. I think others will see your rcorrect review number.

Hey Lassie, so what I do is to look for a previous pet owner where I left a review. I see my profile there and click on it. That profile is a bit different from what you see in my " preview profile". I sometimes have a look there because that profile includes a calendar with your availability. For me its a good overview. only recently discovered that it exists