I can't find my 5 external references

Where on the site are they hiding? I am being considered right now and cannot find them, either on the app or on the desktop. How does someone see my references? Dashboard/no. Reviews/no. Where oh where are they hiding?

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They should be right under your 1st page of reviews. If you scroll way down just above the About section.

@BunnyCat I can’t see them! Nor can I find the
“About” section. I can only within my profile go to “see reviews” and then I see the TH review but there is NO references listed. I’m very concerned because I’m applying to a popular sit right now.

From your Dashboard, click on Find a Sitter then put in your location and find yourself. Scroll down past your Reviews and you will come to References. They should be there or your referees haven’t sent them yet. I’ve just checked this on the desktop not the app. Good luck with your application @tortimom.

Hi BunnyCat—I don’t see any “About” section. Only “Reviews about you” and my references are NOT there. Scrolling down there is a box that says Guidelines for reviews. Where is the About section??

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On the website, under your name, go to dashboard. Scroll down to preview your profile, all your references and reviews appear there. Since references are external they are not listed anywhere else, only on your profile, you cannot amend or delete them.

Accessing content of references on owner site

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Ah, so there they are. Thank you. But, I am just searching by city—they don’t let you search sitters by name. So, I found myself by city, and found the references. What does the homeowner see? Can they easily see both my reviews and references? There isn’t a “preview your public profile” type function so I can’t be sure.

“preview your profile” is exactly what an owner will see, including all your references, reviews and your own listing details.

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Got it, thanks! The preview button is oddly located over the picture, so I thought it was just a photo preview. It should say “preview your public profile” or some such more clear verbiage.