Can’t see my profile & can’t read latest reference

I hope you can assist as maybe there’s a glitch in the system.
A home owner I’ve recently sat for twice in Picton, New Zealand has written me a reference. While I can see her name and that she’s ref no. 7 I can’t actually read what she says.
As a full time nomadic sitter I’m doing what was suggested (when I remember) and changing the place I’m from to the place I’m currently sitting at. That is Christchurch, NZ atm and I’ve done a search (twice) on sitters in Christchurch, NZ, as another way of finding that reference, but I don’t appear.
Please advise

Hi @Smiley I’m not sure if this is a glitch or not, but I’m tagging @Therese to see if she can look into this when she is back online. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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The review, and feedback from my last sit, carried out till the 26th November are not showing on the app.
They are visible on the web

Hi @Smiley,
You’re still coming up under Picton and your latest review is there.

Thank you!

That’s odd as I changed it to Christchurch before I wrote this and it shows up as Christchurch in my profile

My pleasure @Smiley! Did you remember to Save All??

Yes, I did. Just checked again and still showing Christchurch, NZ

Hi @JackieX. I can see the review for your Nov 20-26 sit on the app. Are you still having trouble seeing it?


So Smiley, are you okay? I also see you as in Picton. And I noted that you said Reference not Review. I see you have a reference from Dec 17 2022 by an L.G. I can see all 7 of your References. And of course you have 50 reviews.

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Thank you @geoff.hom It’s odd because it shows Christchurch for me and I still can’t see the reference but @temba has kindly sent it to me.

Hi @Smiley
I am not quite sure why you would not see the reference. I would like to suggest that you refresh your page. Your location is now listed as Christchurch on your profile.

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Thank you for your help

Yes, I open the App, and I still can’t see my review or feedback

I can’t tell if others’ suggestions helped. Can you see the updated location? Are you on the app or website? Did you try the standard resets? Reset app, reset phone, reopen browser, reset browser cache, reset computer, try multiple browsers to pinpoint the issue?

Hmmm. @JackieX have you tried resetting the application, by turning your phone all the way off and powering it up again?

Yes, phone off and on rather than just a restart. Still nothing.
Android if that helps

Hmmm. You’ve got me stumped @JackieX . Maybe @Therese will be able to help when she’s back on line.

Hi @JackieX
The Tech team is aware of a few little glitches on the App which they are working to fix, so this may be affecting your app.
If I could suggest, in the meantime, logging onto the website version using google chrome. on your phone, this should show everything correctly on your profile.
Please let me know if this is not the case.

Thank you both.
I’m not that bothered as much prefer using the website, but if it’s a glitch for me, it may be for others who it might affect more

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