How to edit my forum intro summary

Hi, I have had one dog pass and I rescued a new dog. I would like to edit my summary info so it is accurate.

I clicked on forum tutorial and couldn’t find the answer. I also clicked on my profile pic, preferences and had no ability to edit the summary. I could change my email address but that’s not what I want to do.

Thanks in advance for any how to steps to update my forum profile.


It’s not obvious, is it :smiley:

Click on the three horizontal lines next to your profile picture.
Click on My Posts
Click on the Expand button
Click on Preferences
and finally click on Profile

I hope you can follow that!

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Oh, and I’ve just spotted you’re in Tavira. How lovely - I visited many years ago and it’s a fabulous place.

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@geekista If you need any further help with anything please also feel free to direct message me or any of the other moderators :grinning:

@Ketch Thanks, you’re right, the user flow is unfortunately not very intuitive and rather lengthy surprisingly. Anyway thanks for your quick reply. @Carla_C Could this flow be added to the forum How To FAQs?

Cheers from southern Portugal. :portugal:

Hello, @geekista On the ‘how to use the forum’ there is a section about how to update your forum profile and here you can update your ‘about me’ section. Is that what you were referring to?

Happy to assist further :grinning:

Hi Carla,
Thanks, I did read that. If you look at my screenshot, why is my view different than what the Step by Step How to Guide shows for updating your profile? I see now Profile below yet, I was looking for it as part of the drop down menu as shown in the How to guide. Thanks.

Hello, @geekista Thank you for your reply and I will gladly help you further.

It took me a while to navigate everything with my settings so apologies if there is any confusion. To edit the about me section you will need to click on your profile photo and then select the little head and shoulder icon and then click on ‘preferences’. Then click the ‘profile’ icon and edit the ‘about me’ section.

Here are some screenshots that are from the guide that will show you the steps:

Let me know if you still need help and you can also DM me any information updates and I will gladly add them for you.

@geekista: Just want to clarify this for the future:

  • @Ketch is right
  • but so was @Carla_C, except that Discourse updated their UI slightly in the last couple months, so the official TH Help entry is a little outdated.