How to get good pictures of cats?

They’re gorgeous @Dace! Both the kitties and your pictures of them. Thanks for sharing the tip about losing definition if you zoom.


Great cat pictures are luck and perseverance.


wow @Dace those headshots are amazing!!! :heart_eyes_cat:

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Thanks @Julie-Moderator !

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@DMcat I LOVE that picture! Thank you for my giggle of the morning!

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It was 100% luck.

Did he have money on one of those horses?

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I agree it’s not easy with cats. I usually call their name to get their attention and have a treat on hand. Still doesn’t always work out but I was quite chuffed with this one.


I’ve had good luck doing a video. Then edit the video, pause, screen shot, then crop


That’s a great idea! Thanks @ExploreDreamDiscover.

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Saw this today @Karen-Moderator and thought of you :camera_flash: :cat: :cat2: :black_cat:


Take a video and when playing it back hit pause. Then, drag the video until you have a good shot and take a screen shot f the the video. Do that as often as needed to get the right image. Works every time!


Zorro … My photographic tip lay flat in the grass while the hunter is hunting



I love getting photos of our cats while we’re gone, but the other photos really make me happy that our “neighbors” are welcoming visitors to our home.

What beautiful neighbors you have, wouldn’t want to get on their bad side.

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There’s a reason our cats don’t get to go outside and play. :joy:

Beauties! Nature is so amazing.

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Bringing their attention to something above them. When they look up you can get some fun angles. Making sure you have the light behind you. Cats can move quickly so being fast is also helpful.