How to remove a cancelled sit?

Hi there! A few months ago I agreed to a sit, but then later had to cancel it. The HO never cancelled the sit on THS and so THS platform thinks I completed the sit and leaves a space for the HO to write a review. I have plenty of great reviews but this leaves an empty gap which might look strange to other HO’s. I don’t see any option anywhere for me to remove it, so I contacted the HO to see if they could do it from their end. They said they weren’t sure how to do it and they’d look into it, but that was a while ago and I never heard back from them. I don’t want to bother them again. Does anyone know how to do that, or do I have to contact customer support?
Thanks! :blush:

@Nagy26 There is no way for a host to change the dates or cancel it after the sit has been “completed” ( dates have past ) .

The only way would be for member services to do it - usually the host would have to be the one to contact them .

Possibly if you contact MS and provide the screenshots of your messages they may do it for you - you don’t know unless you ask :grinning:.


Okay, great, I will give that a try. Thanks so much! :blush: