I can't find any sit

Hello !
I am new on THS and I need some advise ! I would like to travel with my younger brother who is 17 years old. I applied more than 20 sits and nobody answer me. People who answer me stop It when I remind them that I’m not alone.

I don’t understand why. Can you help me please ? Is something wrong with our profile ?


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Hmmm, not sure about this post. Tell us more about yourself @Oceane :thinking:

Look for family friendly sits.

If you’d like feedback on your profile, feel free to add it in a link. It might be helpful to have other HO and sitters eyes over it.

Some HO only want a single sitter or a couple. I wouldn’t take it personally - if you explain your situation (why you’re travelling together etc and what you can individually bring to a sit) it might help.

I’m a HO and I’ve sometimes had people apply who want to bring family to my house and I generally don’t want that - because I haven’t interviewed them via video, don’t know what they are, and more people in the house/using more bedrooms can potentially create more mess etc.

Maybe think of it from a HO point of view.


I am a medical student, I am 22 years old. I would like to go to London with my brother who is 17 years old so is still at school. I would like to show him London ( and it will be a great way for improve his English).
We always live with cats (7), we had 2 dogs, fish, 2 goat hens etc … And I take care of my bestfriend’s cat during her holidays. I also take care of a rabbit and a dog ( of my neighbour’s friend).

We are flexible, I think my English is not so bad…
I search more and more far from London but nobody want us :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Try building up a few reviews to increase your chances for the places where you really want to go to. You have a higher chance of being accepted if you pick places that are closer to your home (Within about 70 miles), as they know you won’t have a problem arriving on time, and no flight issues, so you’ll stand a better chance over those that are a flight away, or that have to travel a lot of hours to get to a place.

Also, focus on the dates that are coming around quickly, as there are less sitters applying for those ones (as a lot of sitters will already be booked ahead of time), so again it increases your chances.

Also, check out other sitters profiles that have multiple reviews for tips on how to write your profile. Take a glance at those that have different generations in their main pic, whether it’s kids, teenagers, and those parents that may be sitting with their child in their 20’s, and see how they have worded things for ideas.


I understand that but I always said we can do a facetime, and I said we can sleep together, I explain my situation etc…

Well … like I say … maybe share your profile as there is often really great and positive feedback to be had here.

Bear in mind that the minimum age allowed for a THS is 21 so you’re only just over it and your brother is under it, so that will be a concern for some HO. Also, London is a prime location, with a lot of competition for sits.

You sound like you have good experience with animals, and being a medical student means you have great insight to medical issues but ‘showing him London’ and a great way he can ‘improve his English’ sounds like you’re going to be out a lot, which could be a red flag for HO who want people around in their home/with their animals most/a lot of the time.

I also think you’re working against the (unfair) perception that young people aren’t v responsible etc. I don’t think ‘we can sleep together’ necessary goes down v well, although I know what you mean.

So, as @HappyDeb says (and she has great other tips too) … maybe build excellent reviews in less ‘in demand’ places just outside London, or other more rural places in the UK first.


Yes, competition is fierce in London. I’d try other places in England which might get less applicants, and really stress my experience with animals and my love for them.
Some listings are smaller places, for example there is a student who keeps posting a cat sit in Nottingham in a small flat, something like that might work well to start off with?


That is a problem. It will be easier to find sits in other parts of England.

But that is not so easy either, even for me as a retired person travelling on my own. Main problem seems to be that HOs are worried that I won’t show up because I do not live in the UK. (And that I have been applying for nice sits, of course.)

Welcome @Oceane - you have chosen a very popular destination and homeowners will usually have their pick of sitters. Yours may be a hard sell but not impossible.
I suggest you get some local references on your profile and make it as strong as possible with pictures of you both interacting with a variety of pets.
Ensure you make it clear you are travelling with your brother when contacting homeowners. Personally I wouldn’t feel comfortable with you suggesting you are happy to sleep with your brother, unless you just mean in the same room.
Please remember that the care of the pets and home should be your priority and not seeing the sites.
If you are serious in wanting further advice please link your profile to the forum.


London is one of the most competitive locations in the world. I got declined for many London sits recently, and I’m a mature single woman with lots of great reviews here, making me one of the most popular demographics for homeowners. A very young sitter, with no reviews and travelling with a teenage brother, is going to find it practically impossible to land a London sit, unfortunately.

Most people want older sitters, and many London homes are tiny so more suited to a solo sitter or couple. I know you say you can sleep with your brother, but that might seem odd to people from other cultures.

Your best bet is to try for a different location, especially one with low applications. Good luck.


Again, linking your profile will help. People may be reluctant to accept a sitter traveing with a teenager. Also because you are not a couple, this would require two sleeping areas probably, so that could be another issue. If you are traveling with someone – like a family member – who is not listed as “accompanying you” with the “&” on your profile, they should still be mentioned on your profile. Something like this: I may be traveling with my younger brother. If this is the case, I will let you know in my application. He is a very mature 17 year old who is also an experienced catsitter. One of us will be happy to sleep on a couch.

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How can I do that ?

If you mean link your profile - here are the instructions
If you mean something else let us know.

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We sit as a family of 5 so what we do is look for family friendly sits. My husband doesn’t even do the video chats with me. I do it alone or with my daughter if she’s around so I doubt it’s a problem that you’re applying with your brother. It may be that you don’t have a lot of reviews, references, or your profile might need some work. We could help you more if you included a link to your profile. There’s a lot of petsitting pros on here who can give you advice but it’s hard to do without seeing your profile

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@Oceane I added your sitters THS profile to your forum profile so others can give you the help and advice you have asked for.

If you click on your user name you will see the link and so will others. Please note as a new user to the forum it won’t hyperlink until you have spent some time here. You can copy and paste the link into a browser to view it.

Thank you to everyone who is helping the OP in getting started on their THS-sitting adventure! :smiling_face:

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Since you are applying in a very popular location, you are going to have a lot of competition. I think you need to get more experience before applying to popular sits. Try to get some short sits near where you live so you can build up your references. Look for last minute sits. Those sits are more willing to take a chance on someone with no or few reviews. Do an amazing job at those sits so you get rave reviews!

Also your application message is very important. Search this forum for discussions about application messages. Here is a good one: The perfect application?

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As others have noted, London is tough. I’ve done 3 London sits, 1 for 3 weeks and 2 other long weekends wrapped around other UK sits. I’ve also done a few sits in London suburbs - maybe an hour train into the city - look for those.
All the advice so far is good, maybe doing some sits in France to get some reviews.
And maybe changing the pictures of your brother — remove the ones in the football gear - he looks much younger than 17 and having a young sitter may keep people away. And maybe be clear that it is you and your brother - that your boyfriend won’t be coming on the sit?
Maybe add that you are a med student and your experience giving meds?
Your reference is great, maybe get a few more?

You might also want to consider getting hosted using for example bewelcome.org. No pet care there but more social contact and more immersion in the local culture. Typically this is used for short stays (three nights or so), so it could be very suitable for gaps between sits. I may look for that myself, but surfing is easier for young people. If you are in Sweden you are welcome to stay at my place! (when I am there)