I don't care who saved my listing... How do I stop these notifications?

I keep getting emails that say “X sitters have saved your listing.” Honestly, that’s not information I need. I’ve looked through the settings and cannot find a way to stop those notifications. The only notifications I need are those regarding applicants for my current active sit. Is there a way to turn on/off specific types of notifications? Thanks very much in advance!

@SiobhanFL do you use the app or web?

And are you ok if by disabling that alert, it may also disable other alerts/emails?

A bit OT, but – does “X sitters” mean it gives you the number of sitters who’ve saved (like eBay “views”) or does it tell you WHO so you can then look at their profiles?
I’ve wondered whether people can see “me” if I save their listings.

I have the app, but usually use the web. I am NOT OK with disabling other alerts/emails. I want to know if I have something in my INBOX and if a sitter has applied for my current sit.

Depending on what email provider you use, it probably would be easiest to route all email with “X” in the subject header into your email trash, so you never see it. You just need for the emails to consistently say “X.” I say that, because THS features are pretty limited. And meanwhile this sort of routing feature is pretty common among email platforms. (X = whatever THS typically uses in the subject header for these emails. They should be consistent, because they’re automated.)

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It says something like “5 sitters have saved your listing,” which means five sitters have saved it since the last time it sent me an email. It shows me tiny little profile pics of three of them and gives me a button to click to take me to the pages of profiles who’ve saved the listing, but I don’t know that the pics it shows in the email are the three most recent or just a random sampling. I don’t think the profile pics shown are in order of when they saved my listing, and I have no way of knowing whether it’s a new save or an old save. There are fewer profiles shown than the number of people they say saved it. Honestly, this info is not really helpful to me because I figure if people are interested in the sit I have listed, they’ll apply for it. I don’t plan to reach out to people who have not applied. So I guess the answer to your question is yes, I probably can see you if you saved my listing.


@SiobhanFL Thanks for explaining. Yes, if they are interested they probably would have applied. I have a few bookmarked that I might not apply for “now” but am maybe interested in the future, which is likely what they’re doing with yours. Or they’re undecided for now. I can see where that wouldn’t be very helpful to you.
I guess the quick solution is to just delete e-mails with that heading, but I also get e-mails I don’t plan to look at but don’t want to unsubscribe yet, and that’s kind of tedious too, so I get it!

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If they’re emails can you mark them as junk. Then they’re not going to clog up your inbox….?

Usually people save a listing, cause they can’t do the posted dates but are interested in a future sit. So depending on how many applicants you normally get, it can be a useful pool of prospective sitters to tap into


Hi @SiobhanFL go into the app and click
And click what you would like as settings.
I think to get the best understanding of what settings these alerts address is to talk with member services.

In the chat box, if you get frankie, you can ask for a human.
Or use the chat box with a rep.

This is a bad approach, because it will end up not allowing you to see any emails at all from THS, including ones for renewal, etc., that you want to see. It also can needlessly damage a company’s ability to send email to users if you report them, because email providers punish ones that actually send junk, by blocking them en masse. And as I mentioned above, email providers already provide ways for email users to automatically route specific emails to their trash via their settings in a legit way.

Thanks all, for your ideas. There doesn’t seem to be a way to prevent just that type of notification on the TH side, but no big deal. I know how to deal with it at my end in my email program. No more replies needed, but appreciate your efforts.

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@SiobhanFL as you have mentioned you don’t need any further replies, I’ll tag a mod to close the topic so it doesn’t continue if you would like? @Jenny @Carla @Maeve

I too keep getting notices about sitters saving my posting, this is not helping me get a sitter for my current post. It’s very annoying to be saved but not applied for.

Most often, sitters save and don’t apply, because the dates don’t work for them. Otherwise, they’d just usually apply and there’s no need to save — your sit would be automatically attached to the application in their inbox / dashboard.

The saves are so they can be notified if you post dates later that work for them. But that’s hit or miss, because dates can easily not match.

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Ahhh but you can reach out to these people and message them privately about your sit. May save you time and you get someone already interested!

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So agree. It’s a worthless feature and it fills up my mailbox. It’s not like you can even go “Oh great!” and then see the profile of the person because you have is the tiny photo and when you click it goes to ALL the people who ever saved your listing. It’s absolutely worthless. Hope the moderators will pass this thread along to whomever can change this.

I tried that and they have all said they are saving it for a future sit. It’s just an annoying feature for home owners. This is my opinion.

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