I need some words

We’ve applied for a housesit that we would really like and have another which is looking really positive to accept us (also great but we prefer the first one). The preferred one has read our application and not replied.

I’m thinking of sending a nice prompt that we are really keen and have this other option so would like to hear back if they are interested. But I’m at a loss on how to word this. So anybody have ideas for me please :pray:

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The first application was only 24 hours ago too.

Why don’t you wait another 48 hours and see if they reply first. Then if they are reviewing applications they’ll need a little while to do that. If nothing comes after a few days then send a “Hi there, we’d love to chat more and hope our application was of interest to you in taking care of (name the animals). Do let us know your thoughts. Have a great day.” Casual but engaged and asking for a response. That would be our plan and it usually works (& if it doesn’t then we move on). Good luck :crossed_fingers:


Thanks, yes I was wondering whether or not to mention we have another opportunity without sounding too pushy :blush:

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Hi @DKNZ we often say “Hi, we are checking in to see if you are interested in our application. We have applied for other sits with the similar dates as yours which may impact our availability for your sit. When would you like to catch up via video to chat about your sit?” We like to be more direct and have a ‘call to action’ in our message that way the ball is in the owner’s court. If they don’t respond in a couple of days, we move on as it pretty much means they are not interested.


@Crookie thank you, that’s a great idea with the call to action. I’m going to leave it 12 hours , it’s morning in their time zone. Appreciate your advice :blush:

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Sometimes that works but it has backfired on us too :rofl::rofl:

Yeah I was thinking it could backfire , but at the end of the day either could work :woman_shrugging: