💙 Ignored!

Regardless of my chats with Trustedhousesitters, SITS I have :blue_heart: I receive NO NOTICE. Then I see HO are reviewing! What am I doing wrong? Please help !

Add your profile onto here @Berna end members can give you some feedback in case you’re missing a trick :raised_hands:t3:

Here’s a link

Just checking, it may seem obvious but are your alerts set?
Just give these a check through your settings & go to apps.

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@Berna I have favorites as well.

I have received alerts when dates have been posted.

All activity is through the APP.

No email alerts about the sittings just app alerts.

I understand that you must save homes on the app to get the alerts. I only started getting alerts once I resaved the homes in the app.

And of course notifications must be turned on.

Hope this helps!

Your favourited profiles receive no notice (meaning that HO’s don’t contact you directly to offer you a sit), or is it that your application does not get a reply?

This was an issue for me early on, and it did end up being a phone setting needing changing.