I'm looking for a pet sitting opportunity in Europe right now!

Hello - I’m Jeanne Pimentel, retired and love pets and travel. I’m in France now and looking for a place to petsit ASAP! I live in California but travel to Europe most years and was hoping to go to England to petsit but that’s not available because of covid situation, so I’d like to find one in France - anywhere - as soon as I can. I love dogs and cats and anything else too, and I take good care of houses. If anyone is even thinking about traveling soon, please let me know and I’ll give yu more details. I have excellent experience and references from petsitting in England in 2019. Glad to be part f this friendly community anyway!

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Hello @JEANNEPIMENTEL welcome to our community forum thank you for joining us from Berkley, California via France! There are more and more opportunities opening up across Europe as travel starts getting back to the “new” normal.

“We are new to TrustedHousesitters and very last minute but delighted to find Jeanne who came to look after our two energetic Springer Spaniels” … love this from your reviews having been owned by 6 adorable Springers I know the level that “energetic” takes on …

Good luck in France, we look forward to sharing in your THS European journey do keep us updated. Enjoy the conversations and connecting with our community members.

Angela and the Team

Oh thank you! Yes, I so enjoyed that petsit in Dorset! And now I can at least quote that reference, thanks to you. Springers are adorable. I once owned a Llewellyn setter, whose head looks quite like a Springer but the legs are much longer! I haven’t found a way to actually make a listing as a pet-sitter. Is that possible or do you just have to search and respond? – Jeanne

Hi @JEANNEPIMENTEL you do have a sitter profile live on the site, perhaps add some more photos as at the moment you have three lovely ones and can add more.

You joined as a Combined Member and have also posted your sitter details under you owner home listing. Would you like you membership changed to sitter only? If so we can help with that unless you are going to want to engage sitters in the near future.

Dear Angela - I’m so sorry - I thought I had replied, but apparently not. Thank you so much for your helpful suggestions and explanation, which were most encouraging. Just as I was going to use them, up popped the perfect pet-sit and I’m there now and enjoying it enormously. So I won’t change my profile but will keep it properly updated in future. Again, apologies and thanks.

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HI @JEANNEPIMENTEL how wonderful and no need to apologise … enjoy your sit and do keep us updated, we love being taken along on member’s adventures.

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