Injured before sit

I have accepted a sit in the south of France in October. Unfortunately I broke a bone in my foot which will take another 3-4 weeks to heal. I’ve contacted the owner to let them know as they have two Golden retrievers who will need their regular walks. It is breaking my heart that I may have to give up this sit and the owners may have to scramble for another sitter. I was wondering if anyone was going to be in the area of Pezenas, france who could either help me if I’m not fully recovered or if someone could take the sit.
I know these things happen, but I feel awful about it. Any response would be greatly appreciated.
Paula (please send DM to get specifics)

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@Pclarkfla sorry to hear of your injury .
If the owner unconfirms you as sitter it will auto be relisted so that they can find another sitter .

I’m sorry this happened to you and I understand your distress and not wanting to let anyone down. But I think you should cancel the sit as soon as possible. It will be better all round. The responsibilities will be too great for you in your current compromised situation.
Don’t over stress yourself!
The sooner the host unconfirms you the quicker they can relist and hopefully get another sitter.
I hope you heal well! :pray: And I wish you many happy sits in the future!

Sorry to hear about your injury. The fact that you have made this post here just shows you are a caring responsible sitter. It’s probably best that the homeowner relists and finds a different sitter.

Hi @Pclarkfla we’re so sorry to hear about your injury and have reached out to you, please check your direct messages …