Introducing... from Blackpool, UK

Hi Everyone, Dee & Allan here from Blackpool…and Maggie & Isla of course.

This is our way of introducing ourselves to the community. We came home to the UK after thirty years away in New Zealand, some of you will say “What were you thinking”

We arrived before covid with the intention of using the UK as a base to hop around Europe as our girls are relaxed with sitters and Blackpool is a great place to live…despite what the media have to say, like anything in life; if you only choose to look out of one eye, you won’t see the full picture !!!
Anyway, we like it here and hope to connect with others to discuss the whole sitting world or get to know potential new sitters…by all means say hi and tell us where your from.

Thanks for listening to the ramble :slight_smile:


Hi @Kiwis welcome to our community forum thank you for a great introduction and what a great piece of advice, something for us all to consider … looking at everything through both eyes.

I’m sure you have some wonderful Kiwi tales to tell and we have a travel section where at least one member has been asking for recommendations on places to stay and visit while in NZ and I’m sure you could possibly help with that question.

We hope you can now start your hopping around Europe adventure and that your girls will have their own TrustedHousesitters sitter happy adventures.

Welcome again.

Angela and the Team

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Welcome! Sorry about COVID ruining your plans, but glad you like your new digs!

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Thank you MissChef…Its been an interesting time, but we made it through so are a lot better off than some poor folks.
Its not as bad as the media makes it out to be…there is beauty to be found in all sorts of places.

Thanks Angela,

We have lived North and South of both Island and Melbourne for a while…so yes can tell many a tale from chucking out little Blue penguins who wandered into our shop by the sea…snappy little buggers :rofl:
Not a hint of happy feet there, and being eye-balled by a VERY large Kangaroo outside of Melbourne while gold hunting !!!
Feel free to put us in touch with people.

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Welcome @Kiwis my husband and I are Australian sitters from Brisbane. We are coming to the UK in Dec 2022 for a few months full time house sitting. We would love to see your sit in a link in your profile. We love the NZ SI and particularly Oamaru with Steampunk (note you are enthusiasts, we aren’t but we enjoyed our visit). Those Little Blue Penguins do tend to wander, we came across one trying to do a bit of retail therapy in Oamaru!