Introducing ourselves

Hi, we live in a small village in Cambridgeshire in a very old house with our pets, including our chickens! We travel alot, when possible, and are hoping to visit family in Scotland this Christmas.
Looking forward to meeting others on the forum.
We have had a few sitters over the last few years and they have all been wonderful


Welcome to the community @Nim62. You have a lovely looking house, a pleasure for any sitter to stay in.


Thank you so much!


Hi @Nim62 a very warm welcome to our community forum, thank you for sharing a picture of your lovely home and is that a black lab on garden duty?

It’s so good to hear our members talking about traveling once again after the last 18 months and Scotland at Christmas is something to look forward to …

Enjoy connecting with community members from around the world, sharing experiences, helpful advice and some really great pictures.

Welcome again.

Angela and the TEam

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Welcome @Nim62
Beautiful home. We hope you will find our community a nice place to share and experience new adventures.


Thank you :blush:


Thanks Angela. Yes that’s our Nell on guard duty!

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Any idea how to link my TH profile to my forum page? I’ve been asked to do this but don’t know how to!
Also we can be a little flexible on our requirements over Christmas but no idea how to indicate that on the site…

Many thanks. I’m always using the ‘help’ section :grin: