Is bringing your own pet on a sit allowed?

I joined THS in 2017 which was before I got my dog and I don’t think I was ever refused an application to sit. However in 2020 I got a small non shedding dog and have recently started to apply for sits and explain that I now have a dog. For a couple of months (not applying for loads) I was getting polite refusals which is fair enough. However I wanted a sit for Christmas or New Year. I am a solo sitter (apart from dog if allowed). I made several applications and more than 50% said dog could come. I have confirmed two sits over Dec/Jan with my dog so I am glad I kept applying. Obviously I can see that some house owners would be reluctant to have a strange dog staying in their house but some people are ok with it. Just keep applying.


I did not realise that people would want to bring their own dog until I had someone apply to do this. I was very surprised at this as we have various animals that are loose and do not like strange dogs. I had to decline. I shall now put this on my listing.

I think your idea is a good idea. I am not sure how thoroughly sitters always read the information. We have had an application for someone to sit with a dog. We have 3 dogs and a cat and loose hens. For us this could not be an option and I have now put this in my listing. I have also in my listing stated that we are not suitable for small children. I have an application for a sitter with children of 1 and 2. I think what you are suggesting is a good idea if the HO profile and information is read.

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My fellow accompanies me almost everywhere and has done many petsits along with me. He’s very good with other good natured dogs, and even cats. I’ve arranged for sitters for him from time to time when I have long distance travel that includes flights or for other reasons but not too often. But I have considered adding the homeowner/sitter membership so that I could have the option of leaving him at home with a THS sitter sometime. Have you thought about that too? Would that be a good option for you to have?

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This is what I’ve recommended for my mom once things normalize a bit more. I think she’d have a difficult time finding sitters in her location given the current supply/demand issues, but eventually I think this will be a great option for her.

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No I would never consider HO membership because im a member of the UK Cavalier Club and I have friends who would look after my own dog. I would only trust people with experience of looking after Cavaliers.

Since my original post about taking own dogs to house sits if allowed, I have now done several. I just consider what the HO is looking for and if I think my dog would fit in and then apply.


It’s great that you have friends who will gladly care for your dog for you when you travel. It seems you’re all set then, that’s awesome.

Just for curiosity sake, is there something about cavs that mean it’s best they have someone with breed specific experience? There are definitely breeds like that but I’ve not heard it about this breed specifically :slight_smile:

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No, nothing about ‘Cavalier King Charles Spaniels’ specifically . (We don’t call them ‘Cavs’ - they are guinea pigs, I believe?).
But I have a show dog, and Cavaliers are high maintenance. Allowing someone with no experience of the absolute necessity of brushing out the inevitable knots in his coat, which appear daily, to look after him, is asking for trouble. A show judge, and our peers, can see where a knot has been cut out at twenty paces away from the show table on the day.
I also have a bad experience of letting someone look after my dog. Years ago, I was alerted, by neighbours, that the neighbours with whom I had left my Cavalier occasionally, had made it known that they were simply trying to gain my trust so that I would allow them to look after the dog, for longer and longer periods of time. This would allow them to take him to people (who they had lined up) with a *itch on heat, and to allow a mating to take place.
Putting a pedigree dog to stud might bring in thousands of pounds, so I had a lucky escape there.
I would trust only fellow 'show people to look after my own dog.