Is bringing your own pet on a sit allowed?

Thanks for the links, it’s important for me too.

Thrilled that we now have our 6th housesit booked this year with my boy Colt! :slight_smile:

We’ve had a few people decline us but I completely understand that. Lots of other dogs are reactive and don’t like other dogs in their home. Colt is 20kg so I also don’t apply for sits with small dogs because even though he will be completely fine with them, I know their owners would be worried. We only apply for sits with other dogs and also dogs that are aren’t senior as Colt is 16 months now and full of life. An older dog really wouldn’t enjoy having him around.

I’ve spent lots of time compiling my application which details his age, his breed (he’s a GSD x Lab x Collie), his size and the fact that he is neutered. I also reassure owners that their pets will absolutely get as much love and care as Colt does. No favourites!

Most of the owners who accepted us to sit have more than two dogs and they are usually large ones. There are lots of people looking for housesitters who can confidently handle more than one large dog so we seem to have found our “market”.

Having Colt as my travel companion and has been the best decision ever and there are certainly home owners who will welcome you.

Best of luck!
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Do sitters ever ask to bring their own pets along with them? Is there a rule about it?

Hi @Sallyann thank you for posting.

I am sure our helpful members will have some great insight and personal experiences to share with you regarding this. However, we do have a useful helpdesk article that answers this exact question -

I hope that helps!

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@Sallyann I would like to just add to what @Lucy-Moderator said and make sure, make sure, make sure, you never apply for a sit that states they cannot accept a sitter with their own pet. That was a deal breaker for me if I got an application asking, because I had in my profile that no pet could be brought in…thus leaving me to believe they really didn’t read the sit and just applied…leaving me to wonder what else would they not follow once they got to my home.

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Hello @Sallyann I’ve just moved your question here as you’ll find lots of good feedback on this topic including a recent post by @ShelleyFinch who talks about her experience of sitting with gorgeous Colt. There are definitely many more considerations, not least around socialisation, so do carefully think this through and take on board all the pros and cons you’ll read about on this thread.

Are you asking this from an owner or sitter perspective?

Such a cute buddy :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: