Is it ok for HO to post on behalf of another?

There is a posting on behalf of someone else. He is driving up to her state to help her move in with him, so there is some relation. She doesn’t have any pix of animals or place or any info about him.

Someone from THS should weigh in on the official option as to whether or not it is allowed. However, she states that she will post pictures as soon as possible. Since this sit is less than a month away, she wants to get the posting up ASAP. It seems like these two folks are in the process of combining households and will be living together in Florida, so I doubt that this will be a problem, since couples, families and other types of “households” are able to share an account. I have even seen HOs who have 2 houses at different locations and they use the same account. If this was the neighbor down the block, I would think that it would not be allowed. That said, she should put information about him and pictures of the home and pets. I think that since the sitter is sitting for the gentleman, more should be known about him.


Agree with you @Southernsitter

Hi @Alaskacie and thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have passed it to membership services so they can check into this. All the best.

What she is doing and planning is clear. This is not a second household, it’s a future household with completely different person, location and animals than her profile.

The reference therefore does not match the listing.
Also, I thought THS did not allow a posting to go live if there were no photos

We are looking into this listing @Itchyfeet new listings need a minimum of 5 images before they can go live … this may have been an existing listing where dates have been added, but as I say the team are looking into this.

I also have an answer for you regarding a question you asked on another topic Re: Third party information for owners: This is clearly stated in the Code Of Conduct which every member has to agree to on joining TrustedHousesitters.

It is also clearly stated in the T&C’s which is every member’s responsibility to read.

Apologies for the delayed response.