Is there a way to delete Owner Responses

Hello Everyone,
I have applied for a few housesits and have been denied. I would like to delete them from my Dashboard, so I don’t have to be reminded of the denials. Is there any way to get rid of denials?

HI @Dearap an easy fix is to archive them, which moves them from your inbox to archived and you then don’t see them. I do that as soon as my involvement on any application is completed. However, I haven’t actually deleted any of mine.

I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator as I know she’s addressed this question before but I can’t find her response. I believe you can delete them when the member is still active. Where the member is greyed out (no longer a member), those currently can’t be deleted by the member.

Perhaps someone else can remember the details better than me. Sorry. :confused:

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Hi @Dearap If you go to their Inbox messages … at the top of all the messages, there is a little green button … Application Dates. If you unclick that, this will take it off your Dashboard, under Applied Sits.
@Snowbird mentions, you can then archive them to take them out of the Inbox messages.
If they have become ‘inactive’ … you can archive them through the App only.
Hope this helps
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I’ve been a sitter with THS for 4 years and did not really keep up with all the files at first…now it’s an overwhelming mess. I’d really like to be able to DELETE a lot of this. Especially members who are no longer active. It makes me feel unorganized to keep a bunch of stuff I don’t need or want. I’m the kind of person who deletes my “trash” file from emails. So, why can’t there be a DELETE option?


Thank you for your immediate response.

Sittersue, I’m with you on wanting to DELETE, not just archive. THS Team, it would sure be nice if this could be part on one or both platforms, the app or the website.

Hi @Sittersue @Dearap @lonnajp64 … We have passed on your “Delete” suggestion to the Product Team although they do monitor all of the posts on a regular basis.

Thank you Angela. After a while it becomes a bit confusing. I am an older adult who does not need to hold on to the denied applications.

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