How to delete an application

So how do we delete an application so that we can clear it from the site? I just want to clear people not suited for my sit. In this instance the sitter declined due to her not being comfortable with my parrot being out of cage. While I’m at it would love to find someone who loves parrots lol

So as far as I know there is no way to permanently delete them however you can just “archive” these applicants and that will remove them from your inbox and put them into your “archived folder” i’ve copied this information from another thread that should help you.

Do you mean “how do I decline them and unpause my listing”? I don’t know what’s on a homeowners page but aren’t there buttons for that?

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@Freyafae999 my husband absolutely adores parrots and would jump to sit for you :slight_smile: Where are you located? You can add a link to your listing to your profile, then we can have a look.

Hi @Freyafae999 - This is how to add your listing to your forum profile so that we can all see your listing

I can’t help with deleting an application, not sure you can delete it. But I do love parrots… where are you located?

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Hi @Freyafae999, we are parrot lovers too! We are in the UK, whereabouts are you?

Hi @Lindsay and @Debbie perhaps use the Direct Message Option to connect with @Freyafae999 and then you can go into more detail with one another …