Items missing afterwards

Hi, is it a „thing“ to do bringing home a souvenir from a sit? Just wondering now,
3 times now that items are missed after a sit,
So disappointing and sad…
Has someone made the same experience?
Nearly thinking of stopping getting a home and pet sitter…

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absolutely not! could they have been misplaced during the sit?

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No way. If that’s happened and you’ve checked, you might want to report them to membership services.

I can’t believe that happens, as sitters THS has our official ID. So I’m not sure why anyone would think of taking anything. I don’t know of any sitters that see anyone’s home as a hotel or b&b where that may occur with toiletries. The HO’s become our friends that we return to time and time again.

Are you sure the items haven’t just been put away in the wrong cupboards?


I find this a bit strange. I very much doubt your luck could be so bad. Maybe just put away somewhere different? It would help to know what went missing. The hope diamond is one thing, a pair of kitchen tongs another.


If it’s something fragile maybe it broke and the HS didn’t want to fess up although super strange if you had three different sitters where that’s happened? But no souvenirs from people’s homes are definitely not a thing, if they are sitters living out of suitcases, if anything, they may be very wary of adding to their belongings - at least that’s what I’m like, I celebrate any empty shampoo bottle or spare whats it that I can get rid off. That being said, I know someone who rented out their holiday home as an airbnb and sometimes discovered that guests had just swapped paintings on the wall or seemingly walked off with furnishings which is surreal to me.
While it shouldn’t be a risk generally steps you may want to take could be asking the HS whether they happened to come across x during their stay as you have been looking for it, and also where possible use sitters with lots of experience and put away precious/sentimental and very fragile things just to be safe.


No, it is not a thing. As a sitter I would not knowingly take anything. Firstly, because it is wrong. Secondly, more practically, because we are always discarding our belongings to have less to carry and keep track of. It’s like long-distance hiking , we are always trying to cut down on what we have.

Once, not on THS but when visiting a friend, I mistakenly took her charger puck. I returned it when I realized the error. From then on, when I travel I put a piece of blue tape on all my chargers and cords to identify them as mine.

If your items are truly gone and not misplaced I would give a sitter the benefit of the doubt and contact them using THS messaging to ask if they had seen the item. Next step would be contacting THS member services. Good luck.

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No, we don’t take souvenirs from sits. We also want less not more with us. It’s very odd. Can we ask what the three items were as maybe they’re misplaced or broken not stolen? :thinking:

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Charging packs and cords are tricky, because they often look alike. At a recent sit, I couldn’t remember whether a cord in the kitchen was mine or the homeowner’s, so I left it. I’d rather sacrifice one than accidentally take one that didn’t belong to me. I also made a mental note to keep my cords together or to bring colored ones, which I have, on future sits.

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‘Taking something’! Call it what it is, stealing! It doesn’t matter what the item or value if someone takes something from your home it’s stealing. Should I be convinced that someone has taken something I think I would first give them the opportunity to return it and if they said “no” make it a Police matter!
Of course a theft would have to be proven but just involving the Police would , I think, bring results.
However, I have never heard of such a thing occurring and find it hard to believe that not only has it happened to you once but three times! Quite extraordinary! Are you sure the ‘items’ haven’t been broken or placed back in an unfamiliar place?

It seems a little hard to believe that you have had three petsitters in a row that have all stolen from you.
Are you able to elaborate on the items you claim to have been stolen? are we talking a roll of toilet roll here?


No it’s not common for sitters to be thieves! No items should be removed from a HO place unless they give permission.
However I find it strange you are suggesting 3 different sitters have removed items without you knowing.

I have left more than I took!

I have forgotten stuff. I have left food and drinks that I had not finished at the end of the sit. I have bought things, like when the pet food ran out. Or a power cord to make the couch more comfortable.

But (not on THS) it has happened that I took a book with me home. By accident. Just a pocket book. Ages ago.


I think in that situation , first thing you need to do is contact the sitter , saying you notice it gone . Give them the oppertunity to give their view. Like someone previously said , if it’s a charger , it’s easily done. If it’s an ornament and you are sure it was there when you left then that’s different altogether . I ( like most sitters I’m sure ) feel privileged to be trusted with a persons home and pets. I find it difficult to believe someone would knowingly take something and in doing so risk their reputation. Please do speak to the sitter.

I have marked all of my chargers with my initials with a permanent marker!! It really helps.

Closing instructions for my house include a line, “Please look for my initials on the chargers and do not take mine.” I rather like leaving my chargers where they are and guests can use them, but they are also there when I get home.

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That’s thoughtful.

That homeowner had left their charger in place, and it was a U.K. outlet. I wasn’t sure whether they’d also left the cord, though. Another homeowner left a charger and cords in the guest room I was using in the U.S.

It’s a considerate convenience I’ll add to my guest rooms at home.

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I suppose that cords could be marked with a piece of colorful tape or piece of yarn! Some blue or green painter’s tape could have your initials on them.

Yup. For instance, I’ve been using these at home to quickly differentiate plug sizes among my many cords. I might check if I have enough extras to use on trips.

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I was just about to ask that.


What sorts of items were missing?