Sitter left belongings

First time using this service and had a bad experience partly due to poor communication on my part and basically lack of experience. That being said what do you do with items left behind? The sitters clearly did not clean as they left a large bag of makeup products, personal care items, baby products including medicine, shoes, toys, books and even a large baby stroller. They have not responded to calls or texts. I checked with THF and the sitters made it to their next sit appointment so I know that they are alive. What do i do with all of their stuff?

I have accidentally left behind an item or two at a Sit, and the Owner texted me a photo of the item(s), and I picked them up a week later.

I am not sure what more you can do than send them messages. Maybe send a message also through the THS messaging system, just so it is documented? That is a lot of “stuff” to leave behind! I think I would give them ample time to respond, like a week or two, just in case they are really busy for some reason and unable to respond. Perhaps give them a deadline, telling them that you will donate the items to charity if they do not claim them.

It is not your responsibility to deliver these items to the Sitter!

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Send them a message with a deadline in x days by which time they need to have collected the items otherwise they’ll be disposed of……

1977 Torts Act (England)

The notice will need to state the following:

  • where the goods are being kept
  • where sale of the items will take place (if appropriate)
  • if items are sold, sale and storage costs will be deducted from the proceeds of sale
  • list the goods that remain

Reasonable time must be provided to collect the goods. If all reasonable steps have been taken to contact the owner of the goods and the notice has expired, you can dispose of the goods. If the goods are sold, any proceeds of sale that remain, after deducting storage costs and debt that may be owed, must be returned to the former owner.

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I can’t imagine people accidentally leaving that much stuff behind, unless they are extremely forgetful or disorganized. And in saying your experience with them wasn’t great, perhaps they are! I agree with the above poster about sending a final message–through THS in addition to the other communication method so it is documented–telling them if you don’t hear back within X time about what they plan to do, you will get rid of everything. You should not be expected to store a random collection of their belongings for some indefinite time frame if they are not responding to your messages. I strongly suspect though they have no intentions of getting any of it-- again, I can’t imagine accidentally leaving that many things behind.


@Suzbeez THS can contact them on your behalf - they have alternative contact information . Did they offer to do this when you explained the problem ? What advice did member services give you ?


Is it just me or does that sounds like a couple who have split up? The one that walked out first took the car. Oh dear, I hope they’re okay.

I agree with the others about setting a deadline, and both you and member services should make them aware of what deadline you pick, I would say a week to at least contact you about when they can collect their stuff, and if you don’t hear anything within 1 week you’ll then give the items to charity.

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Please check with your local authorites what is legally required. It will vary from country to country but it is fairly common that you will have to look after their property so it does not get damaged etc. You will need to make attempts to get hold of them through various methods and eventually you will likely be allowed to dispose of them, maybe even sell them for costs. While you seem to be doing all these things, just to cover yourself you should find out what the legal requirements are in terms of how long you need to look after them (it could be several weeks or months) and what methods you use to contact them (you may need to put a notice in 1 or more local newspapers (saying something like if items aren’t removed within xx days they will be disposed of). You may be required to ship them back to them.

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I would suggest you contact Customer Support in the first instance.
Also ensure you leave a fair and honest review. You only have a maximum of 14 days from the last day of the sit to do it. The sitter will not see it until they leave a review or the 14 days have passed.
They could be going from sit to sit leaving chaos behind them. Hopefully I am wrong and it was a ‘one off’ but future homeowners need to know so they can decide if they want to take a chance.
If you decide to stay with THS I hope you have more positive experiences in the future.


Try contacting them through customer service. If you ended on a not do good note, they may be afraid to read your note, thinking that you’re complaining about something