Janine and Martin here

Hi all
Been on trusted pet sitters for about 3 yrs now, had some amazing sitters in the past, we have 2 sphynx cats, yes there a aqquired taste, but there our babies, we live in carlisle, such a nice place to live.
Love seeing all the babies that need looking after


Hi Janine & Martin, perhaps you could embed your listing in your profile name here? I didn’t know if Carlisle was the one in Canada or the one in the UK. Thanks.

@Jan24 Here are the instructions to help you follow through with @DMJ’s suggestion:

How to embed your listing in your forum username/profile

Thank you Snowbird :blush:


Hi @Jan24. Welcome to the community forum. I popped over to take a quick look at your listing, and the picture of Mort wrapped up in the white blanket is great! He looks so regal!

Karen E

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