Just Chat...Magical Fairy Dust

Approximately 34 days from arriving to my new hemisphere…
Two invites, one booked, one in dialog.
I believe in magic, fairy dust, the power of intention, focus on making dreams a reality. IT has many names.
Anyone else?
Thank you :hearts: :butterfly:


Yes! The magic of positive thinking and hard work behind it. Sounds like life is bringing you wonderful adventures. Please let us know how you find Uruguay!
Best regards, Jennifer

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Ooh how exciting @Amparo ! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Uruguay!

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Sprinkle some this way - just had a video call, won’t know till the end of the week if accepted.

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Always my friend. :sparkles:

Promise @Debbie. It is a fascinating story so far. I was introduced to Uruguay late last year by my current hosts when I sat for them whilst they traveled there on an exploratory trip as a relocation option.
Everything they have shared since has made me feel like a giddy child full of wonder. Best part is they have invited me and asked if I would still be willing to be their guest and house sitter there.
I am In process of making all the arrangements required to stay there long term.