Kids moved away, so we are ready to play

Hello - we are new here. We live in the heartland of the USA, in Missouri. We are not quite retired, but we are able to work from anywhere - so we have decided to start our traveling now instead of waiting for full retirement.

One of the big motivators to travel more is that our children all changed careers last year and moved away, so our hope is to find sits close to each of them ( all three are in different states). But we also want to go places we haven’t seen and experience new adventure.

We are foodies, so a nice kitchen is always appreciated - we enjoy walks, hiking, and art festivals - but also really love to sit around a fire pit and sip wine. We have a lot of experience with animals; we use to have a small farm where we ran a goat dairy with other pets and poultry.

We look forward to seeing other countries in a few years, but for now we will focus mainly on the United States. Thank you for taking time to read about us, we look forward to getting to know more of you through this forum and maybe even do a meet up some day.


Hi @Pjnobrien you guys are talking our language! Nothing like a great kitchen with wine to enjoy while cooking and sitting around the fire pit when the sun goes down! We just downsized to a smaller home and remodeled the kitchen to include a gas stove and wine fridge! where are the areas your kids moved to? We are sitters and no longer pet parents (sadly) but sometimes also want just a housesitter when we travel. We are in NC.

Sounds like a dream kitchen!! :grinning:

We do not have kids in NY - but we have other family up that way.

Kids are in Kentucky, Kansas City, and Nashville area. We just did our first sit in the Nashville area - and it had a fire pit! The first night we sat with our daughter and her fiancé around the fire and had a marvelous time.

@Pjnobrien we are actually in North Carolina not New York…so a little closer to your kids! :slight_smile:

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