I was trying to create a new label but without success.

I am clicking ‘New label’ Adding a description, choosing a colour then clicking ‘create’ - and nothing happens!

Am I doing something wrong or is it a glitch?

Hi @Colin will have to look into this with @Vanessa-Admin and get back to you. Sorry I can’t be more helpful at the moment. Enjoy your weekend.


Hi @Colin - I’m assuming you mean the labels in the TrustedHousesitters dashboard? I’ve just gone to mine where I have 10 labels currently and added a further 5 test labels with no issues. Have you tried a different browser (I’m using Chrome)? I know sometimes (generally) when I have problems with websites not performing as they should, a different browser has made the difference. If not, let us know and we will check with membership services on monday to see if any other reports. All the best.

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you’re lucky Vanessa, I can’t have more than 7 labels on the screen, no more. Although I can choose new names, colors, but afterwards, I can’t choose among these new ones. Strange…

I found a solution, discovering you can add many labels on the same answer (of a sitter or an owner)

As lately, i had invited sitters privately, i did put a label 'answered", “declined and "possible” (when they were precising they could be interested in the future) or if their answer was really very very warm and kind (such as "i wish you the best to find the best person"

Adding several labels on the same answer really helps, you know that if they were not available for your dates, they are people you can contact again, or they match for other reasons (references, language)

the ones who declined without dropping a line, or did not even read me (may be on holidays past sttters ??) : i put them in my archive with a label “no response”

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@Provence Have just moved your post here as we had a conversation about this just a few days ago. Yes, you can create more than one label… it’s a great way to categorize messages, favorites and archives. I don’t know why you can’t create more than 7 labels… I will have a look at this over the weekend for you.

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As I say, after I had chosen 7 labels, I used the “more” function, chose colors, titles, but when i scroll my messages, and want to use these new labels, they don’t appear !!