Late Referral under RAF scheme

A friend of mine just left a referral for me. She’s a member here already and I got a notice for a 25% discount. Since I’ve already paid for my membership can the 25% be refunded to my original fee, or added to an account upgrade? Or should I have waited for her to refer me before signing up?

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I think you may be too late - normally a referral code must be added before signing up - It’s slightly annoying ( I did the same thing! ) - but didn’t worry. the standard joining fees are great value in any case


Hi Cory… the “refer a friend” RAF discount code needs to be applied at the time of signup. But the good news is that as a member you can also use your RAF code to encourage friends and family to benefit from TrustedHousesitters. You will get 2 free months of membership each time someone signs-up, and they get a discount. There are many members who have successfully increased their own membership by years!

Here’s some more information on this:

Hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask or DM us.