Refer a friend discount


On the App, it says referring a friend gets them a 25% discount and us 2 free months of membership

On the website, it says referring a friend gets them a 30% discount and us 3 free months of membership

Which is correct?

@Colin we get 3 months free and they get 30% :star_struck: when they click through the link even though it says 25% it goes through with 30%

It’s a Black Friday offer

Is the 30% a Black Friday offer ?

Yep, I fell for that last year. Thought it was always 30% not realising it was a special offer as it coincided with my genius decision to get cards printed. Had to then explain it was a special deal and only 25% discount. Need to dish out the rest quickly before the 30% discount expires again :joy:.

30% discount/3 months free Black Friday special runs through to December 1st!

Hello @Colin thank you for raising this. I have some more information for you, the offer text does not show on the app, but it is still applicable as 30% discount and 3 free months of membership and will still be recorded as such on your account. I hope that helps reassure you and sorry for any confusion. Thank you


Could you confirm when/if the 30% discount reverts back to 25%?

Also, does the home host have to be a paid-up member of THS on the start date of the sit or on the end day of the sit for their insurance and THS support to be valid?

Hello @Colin Apologies for the delayed reply I was out of the office for a few days :slight_smile:
The promotion ended on the 28th of November 2023, but please check the full details with Membership Services

I believe that the member needs to be a paid member for the whole period of the sit (start to end dates) for insurance etc to apply, again you can check all of the details at Membership Services. I hope that helps!