Leaving a review for a sitter if owner has not formally listed the sit

When an Owner contacts a Sitter directly and the sit proceeds, how does the Owner leave a review for the Sitter?

When the sit is completed the owner can give a review and sitter can request a review in the normal way.

Thanks for your reply. The owner tried to do this and it said it was not possible bc she had not formally listed the sit.

Hi again if the owner makes a private invitation and the sit is confirmed on the site by both parties then reviews can be given as normal but if the sit is not listed or confirmed on the site by both owner and sitter unfortunately that is the case.

I will tag @Therese-MembershipService who can pick this up with you when she is back online

Hi @AKiwi … I have emailed you from our membership services for the details so I can help you. Kind regards Therese

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Hi Therese,

Thank you so much for your email offering your assistance. Upon looking in detail at my Sit I realized it was with another housesitting website. Sorry for the confusion.

Best to you,