Can I leave a review for a Sit not completed?

I arranged for a sitter to come over Christmas but then I had to cancel. As she is new to THS and has no sit reviews, and she was close enough, she came to the house to meet me and the cats and get acquainted with the Sitter’s responsibilities, well before the planned Sit.

I have “Declined” the sit in THS, but I would like to leave some kind of review for her, so that she has more to offer to potential HOs. Is this possible?

Maybe with the link external references and not with a review
She asks you for the external reference.


Ok thanks - I’ll ask her about it. :+1:

I think it would be nice, especially as she needs to start getting some. I had a sit in Brisbane cancelled owing to the pandemic. I did the opposite, and gave the owner a review (for communication & her kind offer of allowing me to stay with the family, which ai didn’t take up). I did ask if she’d review me too, also for communication, and she said she would but never got round to it. No matter, I had lots of reviews of sits that I did do.

Hi @DantesDame That’s very thoughtful of you, and as the sit is cancelled @Flora has given you the best solution.

We had an owner give us a review for a lockdown cancelled sit back at the beginning of the pandemic but it was a sit that never got properly cancelled, as you’ve done, on the system.

The owners talked about (as you’ve suggested to do) the pre-sit planning, organisation and how we remained flexible throughout the upheaval happening around us. For someone new I think this gesture would be immensely helpful. Thank you for being so considerate and we hope you get to revise your travels very soon :slight_smile: If you need any help let us know and we’ll get you help.