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I’m going to be honest. I’ve been leaving a tip because I’ve appreciated someone caring for my sweet and very gentle Ragdoll cat.
My longest sit was 6 weeks and I’m still upset. My house was clean but my poor cat had so many knots from his long fur it has taken months to get them out. He was completely knot free prior to leaving. He threw up from cat hair so they used a cleaner on my carpet and I now have many bleach spots all over my carpet. It’s going to be easily 10K to replace my carpet but I’m going to wait until my cat goes to kitty heaven.
On my page, I ask for 1 pet sitter. I ended up with two because she asked if her husband could come to study for his exams so we agreed.
As the holidays neared, they asked if their son could come for a couple days (6). We were not happy with more people in the house but said yes because we were feeling a bit guilty about being gone 6 weeks. We said yes and he could sleep on our sofa. Then our outside cameras revealed he brought his girlfriend! Our bed ended up getting used WITHOUT our permission. I got notices from our water and electricity going up considerably.
We left $240 cash prior to leaving to go for breakfast or dinner. This was her 5th sit for us and she stressed how proud she was to have a 5 star rating. I now regret me giving a 5 star because I gave it right away. I should have waited then given a 1 STAR and NO tip in the beginning. It’s been 5 months and I’m still upset.

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Hello @SharBear, I feel your disappointment, especially because you probably felt you could trust the sitter, this being her 5th time at your house. What a way to change your impression of her!
I personally don’t know if anything can be done to bring her lack of respect and the taking advantage of your absence to THS’s attention, I just wanted to reach out and express my sympathy for what you and your cat went thru.


Welcome @SharBear to the forum . Sorry to hear of your experience especially as this was a sitter you had previously had sit for you on several occasions . I see how this abuse of your trust has made you feel disappointed & upset . There is a procedure for raising a complaint with member services but it has to be done within 30days of the end of the sit .

The first step is always to try and resolve it yourself.
Have you contacted this sitter to tell them how you feel about the neglect of your cat and that they abused your trust in connection with have unauthorised people stay in the house and use your bedroom without permission and the resulting increase in utility bills ? It would be good to let them know that you feel let down and upset .Maybe they will apologise . Maybe not . But at least you will have let them know that you know what they did .

In regard to the damage to the carpet - have you looked if you can claim from the THS Home and contents protection ? https://support.trustedhousesitters.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360001668158-What-does-the-Home-and-Contents-Protection-cover-

With regards to the care of your rag doll cat - which I am sure is probably the most upsetting part for you - did you give the sitter instructions on the care for your cat , how often to groom her ? Was this is your listing or welcome guide? I am wondering as it had been shorter sits before maybe this did not come to light previously that they were not familiar with how to care for this breed cat and that she needed regular grooming

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Thank you Peonie.

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I know!!! One thing I forgot to mention was my NEW very expensive Bosch stove got really scratched from putting back the top grates.
I do have a new sitter coming in for a month and I’m going to post many notes. Do’s and don’ts.


Hi everyone. @SharBear this doesn’t sound like the wonderful sit experience we all expect, and I can understand why you’re upset. I’ve asked membership services to contact you about this experience. Given that, and that you’ve already received a fair amount of feedback, I’m going to close this topic.

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