Live sits for November

I have only 1 application from a sitter. I have upgraded but cannot seem to get any exposure. Is there anything more I can do? I have contacted sitters I also liked but no luck unfortunately.


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I have contacted THS direct to ask for help, they set it up for it to be reposted. I read where you can put a link between THS and Forum to help so maybe thats worth a try

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Hi @janet,

I looked through your listing and your dogs look so adorable! I love your dogs name Mochi. Your home and garden look lovely as well. It really looks like a fantastic sit! The only thing I can think to add is since sitters do need a car what type of public transportation is available for them to get around if they don’t have a car? Your neighborhood sounds like it’s somewhat remote?

Also, Mochi is a puppy? I think it would be helpful to include more information about both of your dogs. I think most sitters would be interested in knowing what sort of training Mochi has had if any? Is Mochi a boy or girl? I am assuming MJ is a boy? Puppies can be a lot of work…As well as being so adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Your dogs get walked everyday typically for how long?

I think you still have some time to find a great sitter and I think with just a few tweaks you could get more interest. I am sure some of our other members might be able to offer some additional advice.


Hi Kelly,

Thanks for getting back to me Kelly…
I did put all that info in my pet section in the bio about Mochi being a puppy and
that he is potty trained among other things. I just am worried because I have a few cancellations so I need more applicants and I’ve been contacting TH every
Other day because it’s not Live any longer. Am I missing something?

I remember seeing your listing when it was new and thought it looked great. I know it’s hard to wait, especially if you are a planner by nature, but I’m sure you’ll get a few more applicants as it gets closer. The pups are cute, the house is beautiful and the listing is well written. Hang in there.

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Are there Forum rules about posting links to sites? When I read a post like this it piques my interest as to where & when the sit is. Maybe I would like to apply, who knows? I don’t even know which part of the world it is in.
I had to be away from the forum for a couple of years & I remember discussions about having national flags next to members’ usernames. I can’t possibly catch up on 2 years of developments, so I apologise if this is all old detail that’s been thoroughly exhausted.


Morning @Saltrams and a good question to which the answer can be found in the Community Guidelines here:
It’s under the sections about posting links for owners and sitters.
It explains why the main website is the best place to advertise listings (with the one exception of last minute sits for which there is now a new category).
Hope that’s saved you lots of back-tracking :slight_smile: Have a lovely day!

Hi @janet … I’ve just had a look at your profile and unfortunately it doesn’t show the information about Mochi that you mention - I’m wondering if you put the information in the Welcome Guide pet section which sitters can’t see until they are booked for your sit. So it might be worth taking a summary of that and adding it into the “responsibilities” section of your Listing.

As sitters, we love looking after young puppies and kittens occasionally, but we like to know a little more about their routine… including how long they can be left alone, which in our experience for very young puppies, isn’t very long. As @Kelly-Moderator says, adding that and some other information might help.

Hope you get some more interest soon. All the best, Vanessa

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Thank you…for those comforting words yes I’ll hang in there. I got 1 more application :+1:yay.
Just worried cause it’s a Holiday. Janet

There are lots of sitters that want to get away for the holidays. Some don’t have families or just don’t get into the holidays, so a trip to somewhere else with furry companions is the perfect alternative. You’ll get someone!!