Location is that a big factor?

@Nagy26 Never apologise! I love a good side topic as much as everyone, but out of respect to the OP, it’s good to keep their topic on track so they get the help and advice they need. I think some of these could be great stand-alone topics, feel free to start as many new ones as you like :smiling_face:


It has the most beautiful beaches! This is a photo taken in December.


Hi fully understand. ;o)

Hi, we are in Tiree.

Thanks, when I typed in Tiree it doesnt come up. Maggie sent it to me though. Looks amazing and your pets are adorable. Certainly would want to know on your post what there is to do in your area, especially winter vs. summer. I live in the northern tundra of Wisconsin USA, so winter does not interest me in the least bit as I typically get 6 months of it every year! Hope you find a great sitter!

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I’m so glad to have found found your listing (I used the map option) - it looks like a lovely sit on an amazing island, and I remember how beautiful the beaches are and how clean the air smells. Sadly a month is longer than I’m able to do.

For anyone considering this, the flights between Tiree and Glagow (the route I took) can offer wonderful views of some of the islands.

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This may have been already posted here but I would just add to be very candid about the nature of the sit and the sit nature so that you get a good and correct candidate.

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Can you provide a link to your listing - would love to have a look. We are off to Mull in September on a sit - also getting ferry from Oban.

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If you use the map option and navigate to Tiree, you’ll find it :blush:

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BEAUTIFUL Samoyed!!!


Is it wrong to offer basic reimbursement of expenses for something like this, such as ferry tickets? What if the sitter wanted to explore the area and/or wanted/needed to get off the island?

I did turn down a sit once because it was on an island. That in itself wasn’t a big problem, but having to reserve a ferry 24 hours in advance, paying $35 USD EACH WAY, scheduling the ferry BACK, it just seemed like a logistics nightmare unless someone wanted to remain hunkered down the entire time. I did not…but as @andrealovesanimals mentioned, perhaps Hemingway’s descendants will use your home to continue his legacy.

IF providing money or a credit (ferry credit, if that can be done) to assist with the logistics that isn’t frowned upon…it might be worth offering some sort of ferry credits per say. Transportation is expensive all over the world…that might make someone more likely to apply if they didn’t have to worry about reasonable ferries during the sit.

Also…@Tiree, Put your post in the initial message or something of the sort to make it easier for us to view as clearly, you may have some prospects by posting here. Your home should be easy for anyone here to find without calling Sherlock Homes or technical support.

Great topic to bring up, thank you for bringing your opportunity to our attention!!!

Hi, unable to give a link here - but if you search Scarinish, you’ll find it - any questions - just holler. thank you

I found your listing and took a look for you. While it certainly sounds friendly and welcoming, I would definitely give far more information about your sit in your listing - about how sitters can get to the island, what amenities there are and give clear and immediate reasons why somebody should choose your sit, as there is really quite minimal information there.

You have not mentioned anything at all in your listing about the local area, what’s to see and do, and what local amenities are available, which does not serve your listing well - especially as this is a month long sit over the Christmas period.

Remember that you should not be talking about the pets in your home and location section - this section is purely for describing your home & local area.

I would also definitely want to know more about the dogs and what their routine is before applying to this sit rather that reading that you’ll tell me later, as this is really unhelpful. How long are walks, and how many per day? How long can the pets be left for?

What about a car? Will yours be available or will sitters need their own?

More info please!

I would also be very clear and honest on your listing about the weather so sitters are aware of what they’re taking on before applying - you don’t want somebody to abandon your sit half way through because they’re not coping with the rough weather.

You might want to have a read of this blog to help you and make sure you get applicants.


@Tiree - There’s a sit for everyone -

There are many people who are attracted to the idea of island life and this would be a great opportunity for someone to try it out living like a local , experiencing the isolation, weather and community before committing to making the move themselves .

As it won’t everyone’s “cup of tea” it might take a bit longer to find a sitter . So it’s good that you have already listed .


Thank you - am hoping we’ll find at person soon ;o)

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Thank you - yes it’s my weekend project to update all - though difficult to figure out where to put what. ;o)

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Hopefully my blog will help you a bit with that, as it takes you through each section of the listing and guides you with what to include.

The most important things to remember about each section are:

  • An introduction that clearly outlines what the sit offers and gives compelling reasons why a sitter should pick your sit, rather than simply introducing yourself and describing your own interests etc.

  • A complete and attractive home and location section that outlines what is attractive about your home & area and what local & home amenities will be available. This section should also include logistics about transport & proximity to amenities. Pets should not be mentioned here.

  • A responsibilities section that is fair, reasonable, clear, and gives a very good idea of exactly what a sitter will need to do and what your pet’s behaviours, sociability & health is like. Home amenities should not be mentioned here, but the sleeping arrangements of pets should be.

Hope that helps :blush:


It looks lovely- unfortunately the dates dont work for us but I’m sure you’ll find someone as you have lovely animals & it’s a fab location.

@Tiree it might be worth mentioning in your listing that winter sailings to/from Tiree might not be every day - I found last winter’s timetable (page 18 here). Do you have a plan for where the sitter(s) would stay before you leave and after you return? Especially as the sit dates are Fri to Fri, when there wasn’t a ferry last year.


And make sure the sitters have PLENTY of winter clothes and boots…which take up a lot of space in suit cases…if Sara needs to be walked daily on an island in the middle of winter…that is necessary.

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