Location pins on map not showing

For the past few days the map in the search page does not pin any locations. When I zoom in on the map, the sits displayed on the left change to match the zoomed location, but no pins appear. I have tried different browsers, cleared cache, and e-mailed tech support directly with no response. Does anyone else have this problem?

Hi @Lassie I have just loaded the site and the pins are showing …
Could you tell me the device you are on and the browser you’re using please and I will pass to the team. Thank you

It is the same on a Lenovo laptop and a Dell PC, and in Chrome and Edge.

Thank you @Lassie I have reported back to the tech team

Anyone else no longer seeing the numbers that mark the locations of an overall states in the United States when seeking a pet sit? Example: I enter AZ and just the state pops up-no numbered locations.

Hi @Libby2019 as @Lassie says she reported this yesterday, I’ve moved your post to this thread, it has been reported to the tech team, will update this thread when they are back online and we get a response.

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Hi @Lassie

Thanks for raising this issue, we have now found the problem and are able to recreate the issue you have regarding the map not showing the markers.

It relates to part of our map api request failing. It was difficult to identify as it works in some locations and not others.

Will keep you posted when this is resolved. Many Thanks, Ben

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