Lockdown - What Have You Learned?

“When life gives you lemons … make lemonade” :lemon: :slightly_smiling_face:

2020 the year we learned a new word and way of life … LOCKDOWN.

Travel lifestyles came to an abrupt halt as we found ourselves in unchartered territory ( :mask:

March was the complete unknown, a GLOBAL lockdown, this second UK & European lockdown will be different, what have we learned? Here’s your chance to share the positive, the inspirational, the productive and the “Why didn’t I do this sooner” it may help just help others.

  1. What has 2020 taught you about yourself … and others?
  2. We need to be aware of the stress on our mental and physical health how are you caring for yourself?
  3. Have you started a new activity that continues to inspire and motivate
  4. Have you reconnected with an old hobby/activity?
  5. From where or whom do you find your inspiration and motivation?
  6. How have you stayed connected with family and friends?

One thing is for certain we will never forget where we were in 2020!

PS Posted in ‘SITTER’ category it’s a chance for ALL our community to share. you don’t have to answer all six … unless you want to of course.

I love a little saying that I will no doubt mis-quote for you; “life doesn’t just hand me lemons, it fires them at me from a lemon cannon” :grin:

  1. What have you learned about yourself?
    That I’m a better housekeeper than I thought. I actually had enough loo rolls in stock before lockdown!
  2. How do you care for yourself and your mental and physical wellbeing?
    Reading, mostly, for my mental stability. My physical health is much neglected with or without lockdown.
  3. Have you started a new activity that continues to inspire and motivate
    No but see next answer…
  4. Have you reconnected with an old hobby/activity?
    I’m really getting on with knitting a very large & very complicated cardigan for my husband.
  5. From where or whom do you find your inspiration and motivation?
    I have my own inspiration supply but really (I’m not being :nauseated_face: with this) THS has supplied motivation; I so want to get out there & do amazing sits with lovable pets.
  6. How important has it been to stay digitally connected with FF and the world?
    I don’t know what FFs are but I really, really need my Internet connection!

Thank you @Saltrams FF = family and friends … I fell foul of the character limitation, of my own making :sweat_smile:

1 I’ve learned that we were old in the eye of my neighbours who suggested to do shopping for us because we were “vulnerable” Kind. … But depressing !
2 i haven’t changed anything, just found some applications to do gym, but i never found time since… My gym is going out and walk my new puppy. Energic…
3 i’ve made a few albums on our last trips, selecting photos of former trips on computer
4 we had to stop traveling. We used to go abroad often and since august, no trip abroad ((pet sitting in England)
5 i really don’t know.
6 we’ve seen friends, met sitters and the english owners in Provence . (we invited them as their second home is close to our home)
This summer they could travel.
We have no family left, no kids. Covid does not make much change. It sounds strange.
I decided in march to read again the books at home i remembered they were good but was unable to remember the story. I refused to order via Amazon when bookshops and librairies were closed
Our house is full of books (around 3000,i counted them when we moved…)
Now click and collect is possible in bookshops and librairies. À good thing.