Looking for a sitter

Hi :wave:
Ive recently advertised my house sit but so far I’ve had very little response.
I’ve put plenty of photos on and a good description but I’m starting to worry that i won’t find anyone.
Does anyone have any further advice as I’m completely new to this!
Many thanks, Claudia

Welcome @ClaudiaB

Did you know that new members in addition to basic support, can get dedicated member support which is extra assistance to secure your first pet sitter “quickly and easily” ?

This is the service that THS advertise that they provide for new members .

Contact member support via live chat :speech_balloon: in the Help section . Ask to speak to a human.

I don’t think many members know about or have used this facility for help with their listing when they start out . We didn’t !

It will help future new members if you can report back to the forum what assistance member services give you to get your first pet sitter.

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You might find this recent thread useful:

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@ClaudiaB , have you actually joined (paid a membership fee) THS? I can see you have joined this forum and in your forum profile you’ve explained your location, pets and dates etc. I cant see any unfilled sits in Whitley Bay in August.


If you post a link to your listing, forum members are happy to provide feedback which might help attract sitters.


Your home looks spotless and the garden is lovely, but I think more detail about the care of the cats would give sitters more confidence I think, especially as x4 cats are under a year old. Do they go to the toilet outdoors, are there indoor litter trays etc to deal with?

Eight cats is a lot! You will need to be really specific about the responsibilities, for example how long they can be left alone for, indoor vs. outdoor, any personality quirks, what their litter situation is, the feeding times etc.

In the absence of more detailed information, I would naturally assume eight cats are too much work for it to be worth it for me to apply for this sit.


Yes, it seems like the sit’s details are publicized in the Forum – without the membership fee?? :thinking:

I’m able to see the legitimate listing ok but you have to scroll a fair way down after searching ‘Whitley Bay’.

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Oh, that’s good. :slight_smile:

Perhaps it’s the 8 cats? That’s a lot of cats + dog= BIG ask! :grimacing: If someone really, really loves cats …. I can see how it could potentially be enjoyable. However, caring for 9 animals is a lot of responsibility & work.

I’ve seen postings & even had a sit that was incredibly laborious due to multiple animals, responsibilities & size of home. Even in the nicest homes, a lot of work is a lot of work; making it difficult for any sitter to “enjoy” due to the demands/responsibilities of caring for multiple pets.

*Finding ways to “offset” or delegate some of the responsibilities might help you secure a sitter (Ex: hiring someone to walk the dog; having gardener water plants/yard; etc.).

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One dog plus 8 cats is a lot. would definitely want to know whether the cats use litterboxes and if so how many. No matter how diligent you are it is difficult to maintain an odour-free house with that number of pets.

As others are saying - it is a lot of animals. I see that 4 of the cats are still kittens - are you keeping them or trying to get them adopted? Are all the cats spayed/neutered?

Most sitters want a bit more detail about pet responsibilities. How long can the dog be left alone? How often are the pets fed? Any medications? Do any pets sleep on the bed? Are there litterboxes inside? How many? Are they automatic?

Also provide distances to the nearby attractions. Phrases like “near”, “close to” and “local” are subjective. I might think something is “near” if it is 10 miles away, but that is far to someone else.


Hi Bonny,

Yes that’s my ad, what do you think?

Kind regards,


Thank you for your help

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How do i do that please?

What should I do?

Hmm not sure? I paid and joined up several weeks ago??

I joined and paid several weeks ago

Thank you ive already looked at that :+1: