Looking for a sitter

Hello @ClaudiaB I saw you needed a bit of help so to make sure others can see your listing link and continue to help you out on this thread I added your THS listing link to your forum profile as suggested by @BJane (Thank you!)

If you click on your user name you will be able to view it and so will others. As a new user to the forum, it won’t hyperlink until you spend a bit more time here. The community can copy and paste your link into a browser to view your listing.

Any questions let me know and a very warm welcome to the community :smiling_face:

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Thank you Carla!

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Your listing is much improved after you’ve read and acted on all the great advice offered here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::+1:

Thanks for sharing my post :blush:

@ClaudiaB I read your listing.
It sounds like a nice sit, but you may benefit from a few amendments to your listing. Here are my suggestions for you, I hope they help!

1: Pictures. You have lovely pictures, but I would crop the screen shots so it’s just the image and not the phone/computer background, as it appears a little like real-estate shots or copy-pasted from Google images. Don’t include the screenshot of Google Maps showing where your home is - giving your address is not a good idea and breaches privacy & security. Only give your address to the sitter you’ve chosen.

2: Your intro is very long and much of the info can be moved to the description of your home and responsibilities sections. A good intro simply introduces yourself and your pets and tells sitters why they should choose you over someone else. It really shouldn’t be longer than one brief paragraph. Perhaps taking a look at some other listings may help. Info about the pets and their responsibilities and all you can see and do in the area should be in the responsibilities & location sections only. You also tend to repeat yourself quite a lot, which only adds to the word count. Try to be as clear and concise as possible and avoid phrases like “they are really a doddle” as it’s not very clear what you mean.

Inlcuding links in your listing is also not often very effective. Sitters usually apply to multiple sits at once and aren’t really going to take the time to click external links and read all about the tourist attractions in your area, as they don’t even know if they will be chosen as your sitter. Just save those links for your welcome guide when you’ve chosen your sitter :+1:

3: home and location. You have lovely descriptions of your local area and things to see and do, but almost nothing about your home. Where are sitters sleeping (will they have their own guest room?) Will they have streaming services like Netflix? WiFi? A home office? What does your home offer for sitters?