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This is so interesting to see all those “get together”. After the last two years where we couldn’t see or touch people except in a virtual mode, coming back to “normality” is extraordinarily heart warming. Thanks for sharing.


We had a great time too, very pleased to met you.
Thank you for sharing with us your fascinating house sitting stories. It’s so nice to meet with people that is generous and friendly like you are.
Looking forward to see you again in Brighton.

Anyone else want to join us for a meet up ? We will be in Brighton from 22nd August to 19th September. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Marcela, Antonio and Leo


Hola @marce and lovely to see you, Antonio and Leo out and about with Colin & Karyo. It would be lovely if you have time to hear more about how you house sit with your gorgeous pup … tips for other dog owning members and any particular challenges and how you overcome these. It’s such a frequently asked question, it’s always good to read about the experiences of members who make this work successfully!

On another note, you may want to add your meetup dates in Brighton to this UK Meetup thread which you’ll find here:

Brighton is fast becoming a popular place to meetup!! It will warrant it’s own topic soon!

Enjoy connecting with other members! And a big hug to Leonardo!! :dog: :dog2:

What a fabulous time we three THS sitters had getting together in Lisbon and the nearby town of Cascais. It’s so wonderful to meet like-minded people on the road — it goes a long way toward making the whole globe feel like home. Appreciate the THS forum for giving us the platform to make this happen. Until we meet again…!

:blush: (from left, @Edith, @Therese-Moderator, @LynKinn).


THS Sisterhood!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you SO much for sharing and brightening our day with you lovely smiles. When you next get help from @Therese-Moderator it will be with her big smile .

Loving the wine choice too


Last night it was wonderful for Libby and me to catch up with @Itchyfeet and Mr Itchyfeet near Alton, Hampshire, for a drink and evening meal. We haven’t seen each other for 3 years - I wonder why not??
Itchyfeet and I had our first meet-up in 2017 at Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire after corresponding since 2016 where she had provided invaluable help to me as a new sitter (I have a combined membership which allowed me to contact her). Out of this has come a special friendship which is thanks to THS.


Isn’t this just an amazing consequence of house sitting …

There’s so much value in these friendships and I’m with you in appreciating this. When we sold up and became nomadic travelers we thought it might be a lonely life… it’s quite the opposite! Thanks for sharing :heart_eyes:


It was fabulous to meet up with @temba and Libby once again. I know how much they have been waiting to return to the UK.
We met up on our way to our sitting in the Isle of Wight which was unfortunately cancelled while we were on route. The owners flight was cancelled. So we carried on, met them for lunch today and have booked an apartment for 3 nights. We are looking for a short sitting thereafter and it is proving very difficult. We just missed out on 3 sittings but they all want us in the future. 2 have not read the application and I have just written off for another.
This is a new experience for me as I tend to book well in advance but we can always go home and walk our borrowmydoggie doggie


Just seen this!


Finally met up today with @temba and her sister Libby in Yattenden. We talked non stop! Nice lunch in the village


We certainly did do a lot of talking and sharing experiences! It was so lovely to meet you too @Smiley and we’ll have a great walk next week with our doggies.


Yesterday @Grandma and I met for a drink. After a 2-hour bar search in boiling hot and humid beyond belief Seoul, this is where we ended up. Cheers.


@Smiley and Margaux visited Libby and me today where we are sitting near Basingstoke. We couldn’t fault the behaviour of both Monty and Margaux when we had lunch out. Margaux has certainly had plenty of adventures out with Sheryl! It was great to see them again.


We will soon have to have a Smiley & Margaux Gallery :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lovely smiles and picture, thank you for sharing it’s great to see our members getting together all over the world and in Basingstoke… Is that a pub garden you are sitting in? …

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Yes @Angela-HeadOfCommunity we had a lovely meal in the garden area of a pub.

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