Membership =Sitter

If I sign up and pay for membership, what guarantee do I have that someone will actually sign up to sit with my two dogs while I travel? $100+ is a big gamble to take that i would find a sitter to care for my pups. Other services allow traveler to make contact with sitters before an agreement to pay.

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Hi @tkjustice - there is no guarantee as there is no guarantee that a sitter will get a sit.
A lot will depend on your particular situation such as
the work involved in caring for your dogs and your home and location. Do they require medication and can they be left alone for any period of time?
Some sits are more desirable than others so I would suggest that if you join you create a profile that shows your opportunity in a good but honest light.
Explain the advantages of your particular listing such as proximity to amenities etc. It is also important to mention any drawbacks so that sitters can make an informed choice as to whether they think it could be a good fit for them.
When I look for a sit I would expect to see clear photographs of
Your pets
The outside and inside of your home
Pictures of the areas I would be using such as the kitchen, bathroom and living area
I hope the above helps and I do believe that if you join and do not get any applications within 14 days you are entitled to a refund. I am sure someone will be along to correct me if I am wrong.


Also, you can have as many sitters (or trips or listings) as you want within a one-year period and it still only costs you $100. Whereas paying for someone or kennel fees might rack up quickly.
A good listing, well in advance of the dates, has a good chance of getting a sitter