Before I pay for a package how reliable is the service? How can I guarantee that a sitter will be available?

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There is no guarantee you will get a sitter for your listing. There are so many factors it depends on

  • number and type of pets
  • care needed
  • location
  • dates
  • house amenities
    Hopefully, someone will fall in love with your pets and everything will work out but I’m sorry, no guarantee.

There are many thousands of sitters using the site. As a petparent you would post a listing with your dates – if possible at least a month in advance, but last minute is possible – people would apply and you would choose from the applicants. It’s possible if you don’t live in an area that people would like to visit, and/or you have very high-needs pets you might not get applicants. I live in NYC, I have 3 cats – including one who needs daily medication. I have had no problem getting sitters.


I recommend you have a good read of the forum and website articles. Should you join then make sure your profile/listing is as attractive as possible.

It’s as reliable as you make it! When, or if, you join, the details you put out for people to read, photographs, descriptions, they way you put your request etc; will determine how successful you are. If you can’t be bothered then neither will anyone else! Should you make the effort you will be pleased with the result.


@fowler0525 , I concur with @Smiley . Read as much as you can on the forum and on the THS site, in particular the Help Desk questions. Once you create your listing, if you post it here, forum readers will help you make it stand out. You won’t know if you’ll find a sitter unless you try.

Did you know THS has a money back guarantee?

With our Standard and Premium Pet Parent memberships - if you do not receive any sitter applications within 14 days of posting your first listing, you’ll receive your money back with no strings attached.

To qualify for the Money Back Guarantee, you must publish your listing a minimum of 14 days before the start of the first sit.


Your own profile will help get you sitters. It’s the one thing that pet owners seem to type in this forum if they can’t find a sitter, and then people check out their profile and point out some obvious areas of improvement, they tweak their profile, and hey presto, they seem to find sitters.

Check out TrustPilot, 17000+ people rate it as excellent! Which is a mixture of both sitters and pet owners. 17000 people can’t be wrong, we love it!

As folks have pointed out, a lot will depend on the desirability of your sit and location. Although every one is different, some things that make a sit desirable:

Location (bustling cities, picturesque countryside, things to see/do, and access to public transit)

Loaning a car if needed or picking up from train and doing a grocery run if sitter doesn’t have a car

Ease/suitability of the pets (which varies person to person)

Ease and suitability of any household chores needed

Can leave the pets home alone for a reasonable amount of time (although one of my favorite sits is a dog who can never be left alone)

Length of sit (short sits in out of the way places aren’t always attractive to a sitter unless you get lucky; short sits in a big city go fast; long sits in a good location are gold)

Clear pictures of the space the sitter will use (neat and tidy)

Clear expectations of what you are looking for in terms of pet care and home

Good reviews from past sitters

For some, ability to bring children or sitter’s own pets

Highlight special features if any: eg fantastic views, jacuzzi, garden, Wifi, fireplace, holiday decor, pool, walking trails, walking distance to pub etc.

Good luck!

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