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hello everyone. I am new to this site and very excited to be here. My question is this; have you found that having the Cancellation Insurance as a premium member is valuable? Did you upgrade and see an quick difference in the SITS you were approved for? I am on the fence with upgrading my account. I would love to hear from others before I make my decision. Thank you in advance for taking time to read and reply.

Hello @heartgirl and welcome to the forum where you are going to find answers and insight from fellow members to just about any question you might have. You pose a great question and many other members have also asked about the same. You can find helpful assistance here Search results for ‘choosing membership plan’ - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum

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I am not sure if my application gets more attention because of the upgrade, most people mention experience and quality of reviews as for the reasons we get chosen.
I have used the cancellation policy to pay for an Air BnB after a sit was cancelled. Unfortunately it took months to get reimbursed, but I was told that is unusual and THS apologized.
Unfortunately the policy does not cover sit delays- I recently had a sit that was less than 1 week to go and they had to delay their departure by 1 week because of an injury. This change is not covered under the policy.


We’ve upgraded recently as we had two international sits cancel on fairly short notice close together in two different countries :flushed:. One with a good reason, one with a flaky one. We managed to get new sits to cover the gaps so only ended up a £100 out of pocket but it made us upgrade in case it happens again. We will also use the lounge passes easily! Hope that helps.

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I did not find it useful. My claim was denied. :upside_down_face:

@tlubkin In hindsight, what if you had the delayed sit cancel you and then rebook you for the later date? :thinking: Maybe that would have made you eligible. :thinking:

We definitely thought about that, but the owner did not want to do that. I didn’t realize, but cancelling a sit can reflect poorly on them. While it’s not obvious on the site, when chatting with a representative I discovered they can be denied membership for repeated offenses. I wonder if in the future we might be able to see cancellations- like you can on Air BnB.
This particular owner instead offered us to stay with her for the week, but that seemed pretty awkward to us (3 humans without jobs to go to), so we paid out of pocket.

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The suggestion to see cancellations like airBnB is a great idea!

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