Missing having a furry chum around when not pet sitting!

I really miss having a furry friend to hang out with when not on a pet sit!!

:orangutan: :orangutan: :orangutan:

Who else misses having a furry chum around when on a temporary break from pet sitting!!

:lion: :tiger: :lion: :tiger: :lion: :tiger:


I don’t miss having a furry friend when not pet-sitting as we walk a labrador once a week when at home. I don’t know which country you are in but we live in England and are members of BorrowMydoggy.
She is called Mili and we actually miss her when we are pet-sitting. Mili’s owner sends us photos of her and we send photos of the dogs that we sit for.
It is a fabulous arrangement.


WE also miss not having a furry friend around when not sitting as we live in an area where virtually everyone owns a pet! We’ve had fleeting moments of thinking we should get a pet ourselves but it’s very fleeting. That’s why we joined THS to fulfill that void!


I often ask friends if i can walk their pup etc.

I met this lovely pup the other day at a now fave post run cafe stop…Ottie’s such a cuite :heart:


@Fluffball I live in a community whereby only one street is allowed to have pet(s). It is a street that I do not live on.

So yes, I miss having a pet or pets to be with when I am not on a pet sit. :dog2: :cat:

I definitely miss my creatures when not sitting. I frequently park my campervan at dog beaches and I keep treats in the van for the doggos. But sometimes none come or they/their owners aren’t interested so I just gaze longingly from a distance. :joy:


We do. That’s one reason we raise service dogs when we are at home. We always have a dog when we are home and we always have a pet when we travel! It’s a perfect combo!