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Starting today, I have a new habit of doing screen prints of any listings I apply for and rechecking them periodically. I received email from a host to inform me that they would no longer be able to include the car for my 30 day sit confirmed months ago because of mechanical issues. That might not be a deal killer in itself but when I looked at the listing I see that they added the information that one of the dogs is incontinent and needs to wear a diaper. That is the deal killer. I’m quite surprised that they did not have that information in the original listing and it did not come up when we spoke and I asked about behavior problems. I will assume it was an oversight. I have dealt with dogs in diapers before but only when I knew this going in and certainly not for 30 days. Too bad because it was a dream location for me but I have enough experience now to know that I would regret taking this sit so asked her to kindly cancel, which she did.


Thanks for the tip/advice, @jcvbva. I appreciate that you’re giving the host the benefit of the doubt.

As for tracking changes to listings … if it were me … I’d look into ways of saving the text vs only screen prints. There are a lot of tools for comparing changes between two documents, making it easier and faster to understand any differences.

  1. Many sitters wouldn’t accept a sit with an incontinent dog.
  2. Even had the HOs honestly overlooked that element, that’s something they should’ve raised with you when they added it to their listing.

To me, you’re being generous. It seems like sketchy behavior to add it and not discuss with you, especially since you’d asked about behavioral issues — as if they were trying to cover themselves in case you ended up protesting when you found out when you showed up.

Given the above, I’d also wonder whether they ever meant to include the car. Or whether they had second thoughts about that.

I wouldn’t proceed with the sit, either.

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Great tip @jcvbva we will also be doing this from now on

That’s a really nice tip. Thank you

Great tip. But I assume THS can look back at a listing if there ever became a disagreement between sitter and HO. When I was a Superhost with Airbnb I know they could,

@jcvbva great tip - this will also cover the scenario- when an additional pet has been added to the listing which was not there when the sit was agreed.

It would be helpful if a sister with a confirmed sit automatically got an alert that a listing has been amended so that they could check for this kind of thing . Had you not noticed the new medical information about the dog, you could have arrived at the sit none the wiser, by which time it would likely be too late for you to cancel .

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