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I am looking for a house sit without any dogs or cats, because I already have a dog. Also I will need to confirm things like transport. Will I get my money back, if I do not go ahead with any Pet sit? Is there a customer service email or telephone number for this site?

@Goodlife150 - To be honest it is very unlikely that you will find a sit without pets - They are rare and those that appear tend to have many applicants.

Currently, there are only 2 advertised in the world - one in Spain that already has 25 applicants and one in America.

There are limited homeowners with pets that will allow you to sit and to take your dog along - This might be an option if your dog is good with other dogs?

@Vanessa-Admin or @Angela-CommunityManager may be able to confirm the terms of the money back guarantee.


I thought this platform was made for finding someone to care for your pets by staying at their house. Isn’t this the whole point behind it?
Even if I wanted someone to look after my house only, I confess I wouldn’t want him to bring along a dog.
…But this is only me, because I am not a dog person (to me dogs smell and I don’t want this smell in my house).
Why don’t you look for a sit where you can take your dog to stay with you?

Hi @Goodlife150 welcome to our Community Forum, thank you for joining.

There are very few sits on the site which do not require pet care, we are primarily a pet first, pet care community and should a home owner without pets list their home, the probability of them choosing a sitter with a pet would be extremely unlikely.

There are sitters who successfully sit with their own pets however this will greatly reduce the available sitting opportunities as it can be very difficult introducing another animal into a pet’s own environment and problems may not occur until after the owner has left, causing stress for everyone involved, especially the pets.

Membership plan choices include a combined membership which many pet owners choose as this allows them to enjoy a pet sitting lifestyle while engaging a sitter for their own pets, keeping them safe and secure in their own home, where they are the happiest.

I’m including a link to the site’s Help Page which contains all of the information you need to fully understand how TrustedHousesitters works, including information on the Money Back Guarantee.

Should you need any additional help our Membership Services Team can be reached by email; live chat and phone during location applicable hours.

Thank you again for joining the forum, I’m sure you will find additional help and advice from our members as well as our Membership Services Team.

Angela and the team

My dog smells of peach shampoo most of the time …

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@Goodlife150 All of the house sits I have done to date have been WITH my own dog, and / but he is a show dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and as such, is very clean and well behaved and is submissive. I’ve just done a fourth sit at a house where the homeowner’s dog and my dog get along so well, it’s lovely to see them together. However, I also get rejections on the basis that I want to bring my dog along and I understand the reasons for this. Lots of home owners invite me to have conversations with them about my dog so it’s perfectly possible that your own dog be welcome on a sit. Suggestions have been made to THS that it might be useful to include a filter for sitters with their own dog when looking for a housesit. I’m wondering why though, you’ve signed up to an organisation which is ostensibly for house and pet sitters and homeowners.

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So far I have smelled each dog (not peachy) and I simply don’t like it. I really have a very sensitive nose.
Here it would not be possible to bring your dog anyway, because my two cats wouldn’t welcome any intruder :wink:

@Düsenzofe and @LTD , That’s interesting. I can relate because I am also ultra-sensitive to smells. Only one of the many dogs I’ve sat for had an unpleasant smell, it was not a strong smell (I know what that’s like), and it was not through THS. I think most HOs make sure their pets are bathed/groomed before a pet sitter arrives. I usually avoid small apartments with cats and homes with more than three cats (unless they’re very large – the homes, not the cats :wink:). I do not want to smell the cat box in my living space. In my profile I state that I request a smoke-free home that does not have a pet odor or heavy fragrance.

Side note, there are 10 sits without dogs or cats right now - mostly with farm animals etc. Still not a lot though.

There has been times where i had smelly dog, I always ask owner , in any case , where is the dog shampoo or if the dog loves to take a bath. And according to any body being against a good wash, i will do it. The dog is happy and i have a great smelly with me at night. I like when they cuddle in bed.